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  1. NEAR PORT SHELDON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - The search for the body of a 55-year-old Zeeland man who investigators said fell out of a boat and into Lake Michigan Saturday afternoon is scheduled to resume Sunday morning. Ottawa County sheriff's deputies are calling the incident a drowning. Thomas Anzivino fell out of the boat around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, according to the U.S. Coast Guard and the sheriff's department, at least two miles from the shoreline near Port Sheldon Township. Sheriff's deputies took over the search from the U.S. Coast Guard midafternoon after the mission turned from rescue to recovery. At about 4:30 p.m., 24 Hour News 8 saw sheriff's dive team boats heading into Lake Michigan from a launch on Pigeon Lake. The dive team was using sonar to try and locate Anzivino. Investigators said they do not know why he fell out of what the Coast Guard described as a 28-foot boat. Anzivino's 24-year-old daughter was on the boat sunbathing at the time, according to investigators. She heard a splash, they said, and went in after her father. Then she came back to the boat for supplies to help rescue her father. "She made it back to the boat, went to get a lifejacket ... and by the time she came back with that, he was gone," Ottawa County Sheriff's Sgt. Keith Koeman told 24 Hour News 8. The 55-year-old was "reportedly not wearing a personal flotation device" when he fell into the water, according to a Coast Guard press release. HIs daughter was able to draw the attention of other boaters, who aided in the search along with the sheriff's marine patrol and Coast Guard teams from Grand Haven and Holland. A Coast Guard helicopter crew from Waukegan, Ill., north of Chicago, also assisted in the search. The Sunday search will include help from Norton Shores and a Kent County team with a robot that could help in the effort, Koeman said. While the law does not require it, the Coast Guard "recommends boaters wear their [personal flotation devices] at all times when boating," according to a release. "It is much more difficult to locate, access or don a PFD at the moment an accident occurs," the release stated.
  2. Perch are being caught in 60 FOW to the south. I didn't see any limits taken. A few jumbos are starting to show up. Once they spawn, it should pick up.
  3. Fished with Jarod this morning and finished up 5 for 7. We fished from 80 FOW to 160 FOW and back to 100 FOW. What worked: 9 color w/ DOC took a Laker + King and had a short rip. Rigger 65 down w/ Grn/Org Pro king took two Kings, with one of them coming unhooked at the back of the boat. Grn/Org Pro King as a fixed slider 55 down took two kings. No Name Glow on 200 copper took a Salmon. We also found two boards today. One had a name, we contacted, and the other didn't.
  4. Pretty sure we seen you out there too. Just a little to far away from us for a positive ID. We had it narrowed down to you or Greg.
  5. Fished with Jarod again today on the Nee-Hi. We started setting lines @ 7:30 and caught our last fish at noon. A NW troll, in 105 - 145 FOW, was our best troll. We never took a hit on our many SE trolls. We ran 1 rigger today and it was hot! A Mag. Grn/Org Pro King 50 down took 3 Kings and a Laker. The fixed slider, a Grn/org Pro King took two Kings. 9 color w/ a Double Org Crush took a Steelhead and a King. 7 color w/ Craigs Christmas took a Steelhead and a small King (released). 6 color & a 3oz. snap weight w/ Mag. Grn/Org Pro King took a Steelhead. We found a Mylar Happy Birthday balloon in 144 FOW. It had a tagged attached to it. It was released yesterday in Jacksonville IL (approx. 325 miles away) . It was balloon 1 of 12. I called them up and let them know we had recovered the balloon. No sooner than I had hung up, we took our last two fish for our limit. We tried some perching on the way back in. Found a couple SE of the 70 hole. We then tried in fount Deer Lick in 59 FOW. Found another Birthday balloon on our way over there. This one didn't have a tag and didn't bring us luck. We slowly picked away at a few and ended with around a dozen or so.
  6. Fished with J1musser in the WMFL. We boxed out @ 11AM, going 10-11. We finished with 1 Laker, 1 Coho and 8 Kings. Our biggest fish was a 11.80 King. Area 51, Hog Wild, Double Orange Crush, Craigs Christmas, Blue Dolphin and Beef Eater all caught fish. The best depths was 25-35 down in 120, 160 and again in 190 FOW.
  7. Thank you Ken for volunteering to take the pics this year. They turned out great as always. #7 - Nee-Hi #5 littlebuck (I only remember because they took big fish)
  8. The easiest way to distinguish a King from a Coho is to try grabing it by the tail. You can hold a King, but a Coho will slip threw your hand.
  9. That was a great learning experience for the kids and a way to give back to the community.
  10. Nice job on taking the bearded lady. I had the same problem with the one I shot last year. I think she pucked allot of her own feather in her death throw.
  11. Most boats are fishing the deeper FOW, but the fish are scattered and the fishing is slow.
  12. Got a quick trip in this eve. Started setting lines @ 6:45. Landed a 5 lb Brown before we had a sixth line in. It came on a Orange J-9 off the 2 color in 20 FOW. Didn't get another hit until 8:45. A chrome fish came unbuttoned after a very short fight in 15 FOW. It came off a NP orange w/ Chart. tape & Chart. back on a mini walker diver w/ no ring, set on 3, 30 back on the wire diver. Water temp was around 50 and the lake was flat.
  13. Last reports had the Coho in 110 FOW down that way.
  14. Fished with Jarod aboard the Nee-Hi this evening. Set 6 lines a mile north of the piers and trolled just past Deer Lick and back. We worked from 8-35 FOW. 15 FOW was most productive. Finished the night 4-4 with a Laker (released), King, Steelhead and a Walleye. Hot Head X-rap took the King and a Org. J-9 on a 2 color took the rest. The Walleye was a nice big 6-7 lb. male.
  15. I found transom stickers, on EBay, for $20 w/ free shipping. For port and starboard it would be $30. They are in single colors only. If your looking for for something with boarders, you have to go to a local shop.
  16. Before you buy, it would be a very good idea to have it surveyed.
  17. Ran a 6 rod spread from the piers to the trailer park and back. Ended the evening 4-4. Fire Tiger Hot-N-Tot = 2.5 Brown and 3.5 King Fire Tiger Wiggle Wort = 2.5 Brown Hot Head X-rap = 8.68 Walleye All fish came in 12 FOW.
  18. As Jimmy, who was fishing with Jeff and Jack at the time, said " just promise me that you will never leave another boater stranded ".
  19. Welcome to the site Tyler. PS is one of my favorite ports to fish.
  20. As Sea-Mac stated, BTF= Brads Thin Fish Not sure if what New Buffalo has can be considered piers? They are more like break walls.
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