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  1. I would have to say that it is one of the best years ever. We normally don't get that many numbers in South Haven. St. Joe always get Coho's, but not the contestant numbers and length of time that they have been. One could only hope that it last a couple more weeks.
  2. Had one tonight myself. Picked it up while on FB. It was MS Removal Tool. Used the listed site that Habeeb gave to fix the problem.
  3. The launch is across the street from Tackle Haven. Stay to the right until you get close to the first bridge. Don't get to close to the docks on the right, as they tend to hold some logs in the spring. Don't leave anything of value in your vehicle.
  4. I still plan on fishing this weekend, just not on the big lake.
  5. Dave, you have caught enough fish from the piers to know what works. Now you can just troll with those same lures. Trolling casing spoons and body baits are a great way to catch Kings.
  6. Yes it can be done. I have fished from the Cook plant to Palisades in a day. I have also fished from Grand Haven to south of Saugatuck in a day. With the south wind, I would say the best fishing troll would be south to St. Joe. If it is more about having a good time, north with the wind and waves would be best. If you stay in that 90-100 FOW, you can always seem to pound the bottom for Lakers.
  7. Good thing you pulled him. It could have been really bad if he was still out there when that wind kicked up.
  8. Nice job on catching those fish early. Pre Fishing definitely helped you and Nailer out. We moved in closer after hearing the radio chatter. That current was ripping.
  9. Used the one behind the CG sation yesterday. It wasn't the nicest, but beat cleaning @ home. The table is higher and easier on your back.
  10. Couple of dandy ones there!
  11. I believe that the officer that you spook to was misinformed. Show me in print, where it states one line per fish and I will abide. Until then, I will continue to fish with my three rods.
  12. Get a hold of me and I can help you get the boat set up. I also have a few things that I would be willing to part with.
  13. Yep, a spice of mono is the way to go. Wrapping it will tear the pad of the release up.
  14. The closest bait shop is Pyle's Port Hole. To get there, take Phoenix west to the second stop light and turn right. Go approx. 1/8 of a mile a hang a right on Dunkley (right before the bridge). Pyle's is about a 100 yards down on the right. The boat launch is just down the road from there...maybe 500 feet. The cost for the launch is $7 and it has a gate. It also has a fish cleaning station. Good luck out there and be safe this weekend.
  15. It's the stealthiness of the Nee-Hi. The trips was a last minute decision and I glad we went. The flies are starting to bite and the flees didn't hamper the fishing. The weather was great and catching fishing was nice too.
  16. Fished a SH Steelheaders tourney today aboard the Fish Prophet. We got off to a late start due to a late crew member. The tourney started @ 7 AM. We didn't start setting line until 7:45. We took waves over the bow just out side the pier heads. Two of the tourney boats bowed out once they seen those conditions. We fished till 12:30, giving us some extra time to make it in. We ended the day 10 for 12. We boxed 6 Lakers and 2 Kings. We also released 2 under sized Lakers. A silver glow PK on 225 Cu took a King. A Mag. DW Mixed Veg. on 250 Cu. took a Laker and our biggest King (12.30). All of our other hits and fish came on a Lake Trout Rig bouncing the bottom. We fished from 60 FOW to 110 and took all of our fish in 80-90 FOW. The tough conditions hampered all of the boats out there. Other boxes ranged from 1-4 fish.
  17. I tried them already and found that they are all ready closed @ 4:20PM. I didn't see any store hours posted. I will not try to stop there on a weekend. It's just not worth it to circle the block for a hour to find a parking spot. The fish cleaning station in SH has a freezer for them, but it doesn't work. ATO was a drop of location before they closed. Lake Shore Outfitters did take them at one time, but they stopped picking them up on a regular basis. One would think that if you tried to do your part as a sportsman, the state would hold up their end.
  18. Unfortunately it one was one of the Lakers (6 3/4 lbs.). But it is the best one of the best rigs to catch a Laker on and still feel the fish on IMO. The laker was tagged. Know we just need to find a place in SW MI to drop it off.
  19. We stared out a little to the north with no luck. We picked all of our fish up straight out and slightly to the south.
  20. The other baits that worked: FB Flee 4 All An obsolete Org/Blk w/ Org. tree tape Stinger spoon that I don't remember the name of. Mag. Mixed Veg. Grn. Bubble SD w/ Grn. fly Thanks for the invite Jarod. It's always a good time on the Nee-Hi.
  21. Great job of getting the kids out. Sounds like they had fun.
  22. Buffalo Bill could be added to that list. Other abbreviations: BB set-up = Blue Bubble Spinny & fly GB set-up = Green Bubble Spinny & fly
  23. The only other ones that comes to mind are: DOC = Double Orange Crush. MJ = Michael Jackson OJ = OJ Simpson I will abbreviate colors, but those should be self explanatory. I will often abbreviate lure makers: MS = Moon Shine DW = Dream Weaver SS = Silver Streak FB = Fuzzy Bear BTF = Brads Thin Fins STF = Storms Thin Fish Other abbreviations are: DB = Dive Bomb DR = Down Rigger Cu. = Copper LC = Lead Core DD = Dipsy Diver WD = Wire Diver BD = Braided Diver SWR = Secret Weapon Rig FOW = Foot Of Water SOG = Speed Over Ground SOW = Speed Over Water SAB = Speed At Ball
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