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  1. Welcome to GLF! I grew up in central Indiana and now live in SW Michigan.
  2. While it is frustrating to have to take line out of the prop, it shouldn't be assumed that it was intentionally place in the water. Who's to say that it wasn't from a break off?
  3. Pyle's Port Hole in South Haven has strips and Red Label.
  4. Sounds like the starter. Pull it and take it in to have it tested.
  5. Mag-light = works great Fat Fish Downrigger Ball = not so good Pliers (while holding on to a Pike that swallowed the hook ice fishing) = :no:The first two taps only pissed it off more. The the third harder strike missed his head in the struggle, but it did manage to land a hard blow to my knuckle. Knocked my index finger out for a good hour. I did notice some bruising...on my hand.
  6. Isn't the Holland Steelheaders Challenge next weekend? While it wasn't an option, I suggest that the next event be a double.
  7. Flounder Pounder, Blue Flounder, Agent Orange, Do-De-K, Happy Meal, Mongolian Beef, Hot Lips, Crab Face, Bad Toad, Brook Trout, Moonshine and Bloody Nose. You just can't have enough of them if you fish the predawn or past sunset. As mentioned before. Don't over charge them, or give them sometime to tame down.
  8. Great Lakes Inn & Suites South Haven
  9. I use Spros and have a few with the Torpedoes on them. Beachholds for the divers. All of them are coast locks. Never had a fish break one yet.
  10. Great story and congrats on the big bird!
  11. Very cool! I always check my Eyes for jewelry, but no such luck.
  12. There is a place down the road from me in South Haven (corner of Blue Star & M43). They have rooms starting at $39..I think? I will drive by it in the next couple of days and let you know. Never stayed there, so I can't give any recommendations. I just know it is cheaper than staying at any of the big name hotel/motels here in town.
  13. Smoke the whole time for me.
  14. I would go with a temp of 120 for six hours. Two hours doesn't allow the smoke enough time to penetrate the meat.
  15. Thanks for the great report. I will be out in the AM.
  16. All my coppers are in 45#. 400' 300' 250' 200' 1 wire and 2 braided.
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