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  1. More than likely it was GH. Nets would have been north of there. I hadn't fished PS in a couple weeks. Last time there was allot of logs out front.
  2. Thanks for the detailed report. Looking at hitting it again Thursday PM.
  3. Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into this site! The new decals look great!
  4. 1. Best lure = Moonshine Lures 2. Favorite Port to fish = Port Sheldon 3. Favorite person to fish with = My Dad
  5. Sounds like the "June slow down" may be upon us?
  6. All fish came in 140 FOW and north of the harbor. Set lines in 160 and worked out to 165.Then we turned back in and worked all the way to 130 FOW.
  7. Set lines at 7:30. The lake was flat and the flies and cotton wood were thick. Didn't take the first fish till 9 O'clock. It came on a NBK off the mono dipsy, set on 2, 125 back. Next was 7 color with a Frozen Seagull. Then the 9 color with a Happy Meal. The last one was the 7 color again. All four fish were Kings around 3-4 pounds. Pulled lines at 9:45.
  8. Great story Andy! I fished Muskrat(next to Eagle) this morning. Still some gills on their beds. Most of the bass I caught were just off of the weed beds. I caught all of mine on a white and chartreuse spinner-bait.
  9. North. We trolled NW then back to the NE. We couldn't go south. The current was North to South. Waves were out of the SSE 2-4.
  10. Had what I believe to be a seiches in South Haven Sunday afternoon. With all of the rain we've had, the river was flowing allot faster than normal. During the time that we were trying to get the boat on the trailer, the current switched directions. The water was flowing up stream almost as fast as it had been flowing out. This all was happening when that front was coming in.
  11. I've had it happen more than when fishing from the pier. It's usually a good sign to get packed up.
  12. Thanks for the report! NBK is one of my favorite evening baits.
  13. Thanks for all the info! Sounds like it's time to break out the Blue Whale.
  14. If you want to run SD on your PP rods, I would suggest added 100' or more of mono to them. As stated before, SD will not hold to PP very good. Myself, I only use SD early or late in the season. When using SD, I will add a speed bead or a swivel 6' from the bait. SD are a great presentation when combat fishing.
  15. Fished from 11 till 1 today, going 5/5. First fish came on a rigger 68 down, green Bubble set up. 8 lb. King. Next was a double... Rigger 78 down on a Blue Bubble set up. 15 lb. King. 7 color w/ Blue berry muffin spoon. 8 lb. Steelhead. Then another double... Mono dipsy, set on 3, 175 back, on a orange and yellow spoon. 7 lb. Laker. 300 copper w/ a blue glow spoon. 2 lb. Laker. Laker's came in 120 FOW and the rest in 130 FOW. We made it in just as the storm let loose.
  16. Had planned on being launched by now. Looking at the radar, I don't know if we will make it out at all today. 40% chance my
  17. Great job! Taking out a youngster with us tomorrow. Hope she has a blast too.
  18. I hear that the SH Steel-headers did really well in there tournament today.
  19. I will be heading out of SH tomorrow. I'll be looking foreword to report.
  20. Found this site through the WMFL. I have fished it for the last two years and thought it would be a good idea to join. I'm a member of MS (different name). Fishwhisperer is the name of my new (used) boat. Hope to contibute to some great discussions and reports.
  21. If I added a 4 oz. DB to a 7 color, would that put it in the 60-65 range?
  22. I run copper, but not down the chute. I prefer to keep the chute open for bring in fish. I run a of my copper off Church Boards. 300" copper out produced everything else on the boat last year.
  23. I started to run PP on one of my riggers last year. I used 300' of 150# test. I like that there is no noise and a little less blow back. i USE IT AS my deep rigger. Sense I wasn't sure if would like it or not, I did not take the existing cable off. I simply add a crimp to the end of the cable and tied the PP above it. I have never had a problem with it. The only reason that I haven't changed out my other rigger is that I like the usefulness of the sound. I can get a better idea of what my speed at the ball is. I use the Palomar knot tied to a swivel.
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