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  1. I know the kings have been hot but me and a couple friends spent the last few days fishing out of Port Clinton for walleye. Lots of fish and finally a few days of no wind or rain. We ran bandits back 70-95, fished the area between Kelly’s and Bass islands for the guys familiar with that area. Easy 3 man limits the last two days with plenty of throw backs afterwards.
  2. Worked a half day so I could go to parent teacher conferences. By some miracle we had no games or practices this afternoon. The kids said they wanted to go fishing so we did. Decided on the longer drive to New Buffalo since we did so well there on Monday. We only ended up being 3 for 3. A 10 pound steelhead and two average size coho. Nice night on the water and the kids had fun so no complaints. Caught fish on 1 color with a thin fine and 2 color with a thin fin, nothing on riggers or divers. Fished from 15 out to 40, caught fish in 25-30.
  3. Fished New Buffalo today. Fished from 8a until about 1pm. Went 22 for 25. 16 coho, 1 king and 6 lakers. Kept the king and 14 coho. King was around 10 pounds, coho were nice size. Best water was 15-25 feet. Did not catch anything deeper than 25. I will post a picture of the best lures. Riggers and spoons were better early. High lines and 2 and 3 colors were better later. Troll direction didn’t seem to matter but the wind really picked up and the north troll was much more comfortable.
  4. We were south, ran about 3 miles just to go with the waves when we were setting up, it was a south wind so the north troll was the most comfortable. I did see boats by the power plant but we didn’t get that far south. I think the power plant is about 8 miles south of the river but that is just a guess.
  5. I wasn’t paying that much attention to the temps. I think 43 in closer and 41 at 60 foot.
  6. Fished St Joe today looking for coho. Lots of marks between 20-30 but only ended up with one coho. We did manage to get 2 nice kings, 16 and 18.5 lbs, and 2 average lakers. 3 color with small spin doctor and peanut fly took the coho, we also last one one a 2 color with a thin fin. 3 color with green and purple thin fin took a king and a laker. Dipsy set at 3 out 45 with a pink spoon with black dots took a laker and the big king, that was a fun fight as he smoked it and peeled out a bunch of line. Nothing on high line or one color, nothing on the riggers. Fished from 15 out to 60 looking for some coho but only caught the one. Caught all our fish in about 25 feet of water.
  7. Fished out of South Haven for perch in the am on 9-20. Worked all over the water in front of the dunes from 30 feet out to 55 feet. Marked lots of fish but only caught 6. I did not see any of the other 25 or so boats catching many either. The 6 we caught were nice size. Went out salmon fishing in the afternoon. My thoughts were to work in shallow but all of the morning fisherman reported no luck in close. Ran out to 100 and caught a 12 pound king on a swr on rigger with a yellow and green ace high plug set down 85. That was the only king we caught. Worked from 100, out to 135 and back in to 80. The current was pretty strong. We did manage to catch 5 lake trout so it wasn't a bad night, just hoping for a few more salmon. The lakers came on 300 copper with modified blue dolphin spoon, large green paddle and fly combos and a 200 copper with green ladder back j plug.
  8. Started just before 7am in 65 feet on a sw troll. Had three quick fish, an 8 lb king on 200 copper with a green ace high plug, a steelhead on a high diver set back 90 with a j plug and a throw back laker on a purple spoon on a rigger set at 50. Also caught a big sheep head on a swr rigger with a yellow ace high plug set at 60. Finally got those fish taken care of and got all of the lines down. Marked lots of fish out to 90 without taking another hit, worked back into 70 and then out to 110. Caught a 12 lb king on the same swr rig but had it down 100. Then caught a laker on wire diver with green flasher fly combo set back 150. Worked back in to 90-80 and picked up 4 more kings on riggers down 70 and 80 and 300 copper, all with green or yellow plugs. They were 10-15 lbs. Then we went perch fishing for a little bit. It was not fast and furious but we caught 20 jumbos in about 2 hours. Took out 2 guys who had never been out before and they had a blast!!!
  9. Fished from 700 until 1030, started in 95 fow, worked out to 160 on a mostly west troll, back into 130 before we took our only fish, 7 lb king. Worked back into 110 before we gave it up to hang some tree stands. Only fish came on rigger with secrect weapon rig with a green / yellow ace high plug. We had a 10 rod spread and I changed out several different presentations which included various spoons, flasher and fly combos, plugs and meat rigs. It sounded like it was pretty slow based on the radio traffic and fish cleaning station. I did see a few people perch fishing and talked to a guy at the launch who said he caught his limit.
  10. Thanks for the report, I was planning on going out but a little worried taking my 7 yr old out with a chance of thunder showers, hopefully tomorrow. Do you know what the water temp was?
  11. Pretty slow, ended 4 for 7. Three nice kings and a small throwback laker. Fished 110 out to 150, mostly with the waves on a north troll. Caught fish on 300 copper with a modified blue dolphin, green splatter back j plug on rigger down 95 and wire diver back 150 with green flasher and fly, lost fish on 300 copper with a j plug, wire diver with a meat rig set at 140 and high diver with a double orange crush spoon out 110.
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