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  1. Last minute solo trip yesterday evening. 6p until 9p. Started in 80, good marks and what looked like bait balls and worked my way out to 120 without a hit. Ran out of marks around 115 so I turned back in. As soon as I hit 85 I got 6 hits in about 90 minutes. 2 lakers a throwback king and a really nice coho. I broke off a nice king that got wrapped in the rigger wire when I was trying to net it. Lost one other fish. So I finished 4 for 6. I ran a 300 copper, a rigger and a half core. All took fish. Rigger was down 75-90 with a green flasher and fly. 300 copper had a UV blue jeans spoon and half core had a jordo spoon. Flies and sea fleas were both bad.
  2. I took my 11 year old son, 2 of his 11 year old friends and an 8 year old friend out tonight. I should be awarded a medal for that alone but the three older boys were all on an all-star baseball team that won the Paw Paw tournament on Monday night so this was a reward for them. We set down in 130 and lost one on a rigger 70 down before I had 3 lines in the water. I got everything down except for the last 300 copper and we had a nice king on a rigger down 90. Got him to the back of the boat but the net job was less than stellar and he got knocked off. We then caught a 5 pound coho on a rigger down 70, another king on a 300 copper, he was 10 pounds, 2 lake trout on a wire diver back 160 and the last king on a 250 copper, he was also around 10 pounds. Lost another nice king on wire diver back 150 but he was only on for a minute or two. Green spin doctors on the divers and moonshine blue jeans and Mongolian beef and a purple and green spoon with a stripe were our best baits. we fished from 6 until 9.
  3. Set lines at 6 in 85 feet of water. Got all lines set on a west troll without a hit. Went with the waves on a south, southwest troll around 100 feet of water. Hits were slow but steady until 830, fished until 915 but no hits after 830. 300 copper with UV Mongolian beef took 3, 300 copper with UV blue jeans took 2, tin can on wire diver ticking bottom took a small laker, 100 copper with jordo took a 12 pound steelhead. Lost one on rigger down 70 with UV bloody nose. Ended with 4 kings, one coho, a steelhead and a laker. Marked lots of bait and all of the fish were full of alewives. Kings were not big, 5-8 pounds. Did see 2 steelhead caught on the pier on our way in and the river was full of alewives on our way out in the morning.
  4. Late morning solo trip out of South Haven after I got the kids off to school. Set lines at 1045, fished until 2pm. 300 copper with Mongolian beef RV spoon took 2 kings and lost 2 kings, wire diver with green spindoctor back 120-180 took 3 lakers, rigger down 80 with raptor rv spoon took a king, free slider on the rigger with Jordo took 2 steelhead. Fished 105-120 almost straight out of the pierheads. Direction did not seem to matter. Kings were not huge, biggest was about 15 pounds. Let the trout go, just kept the kings.
  5. Getting out wasn’t bad. The big storm was coming in that afternoon so that may have thinned out the crowd. We were in around 1130.
  6. Mostly the UV spoons. The launch was very busy in the morning, had to wait for 15 minutes or so to launch. The water level is high. I never used to have to take my soft top down to get under the bridge but I did have to yesterday. The UV Mongolian beef was very good.
  7. Good morning out of South Haven. Started in 90 and then moved out to 120 after the morning bite. 150, 200 and 300 copper were all good with moonshine spoons. Nothing on flashers, only took one hit on the riggers. Caught several around 20 pounds, the biggest was 23. The kids had a great time reeling them in.
  8. I know the kings have been hot but me and a couple friends spent the last few days fishing out of Port Clinton for walleye. Lots of fish and finally a few days of no wind or rain. We ran bandits back 70-95, fished the area between Kelly’s and Bass islands for the guys familiar with that area. Easy 3 man limits the last two days with plenty of throw backs afterwards.
  9. Worked a half day so I could go to parent teacher conferences. By some miracle we had no games or practices this afternoon. The kids said they wanted to go fishing so we did. Decided on the longer drive to New Buffalo since we did so well there on Monday. We only ended up being 3 for 3. A 10 pound steelhead and two average size coho. Nice night on the water and the kids had fun so no complaints. Caught fish on 1 color with a thin fine and 2 color with a thin fin, nothing on riggers or divers. Fished from 15 out to 40, caught fish in 25-30.
  10. Fished New Buffalo today. Fished from 8a until about 1pm. Went 22 for 25. 16 coho, 1 king and 6 lakers. Kept the king and 14 coho. King was around 10 pounds, coho were nice size. Best water was 15-25 feet. Did not catch anything deeper than 25. I will post a picture of the best lures. Riggers and spoons were better early. High lines and 2 and 3 colors were better later. Troll direction didn’t seem to matter but the wind really picked up and the north troll was much more comfortable.
  11. We were south, ran about 3 miles just to go with the waves when we were setting up, it was a south wind so the north troll was the most comfortable. I did see boats by the power plant but we didn’t get that far south. I think the power plant is about 8 miles south of the river but that is just a guess.
  12. I wasn’t paying that much attention to the temps. I think 43 in closer and 41 at 60 foot.
  13. Fished St Joe today looking for coho. Lots of marks between 20-30 but only ended up with one coho. We did manage to get 2 nice kings, 16 and 18.5 lbs, and 2 average lakers. 3 color with small spin doctor and peanut fly took the coho, we also last one one a 2 color with a thin fin. 3 color with green and purple thin fin took a king and a laker. Dipsy set at 3 out 45 with a pink spoon with black dots took a laker and the big king, that was a fun fight as he smoked it and peeled out a bunch of line. Nothing on high line or one color, nothing on the riggers. Fished from 15 out to 60 looking for some coho but only caught the one. Caught all our fish in about 25 feet of water.
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