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  1. Strong western wind, wicked western current, and a nice cold rain led to a slow start with less than positive weather conditions this am. Trolling east of the creek and an hour in and we hadnt landed a fish. So we switch gears and headed west of the creek and before we reached Newman's, we had a quintuple. 3 Browns, an Atlantic, and a nice Steelie. Nice way to start the day! We continued to work a small spot between the mouth and Newman's resulting in 13 bites dominated by Browns. Orange sticks (jointed Rapalas and thunderstick jrs) off the boards and Stinger Nbk off the rigger produced the fish for us. The best depths for us was 8-14 fow with alot of good, colored water.
  2. No need to run leader material plus it can get pretty expensive after awhile. Ive been getting 200yard wrist spools from Triple Fish Lines and have been very happy. http://www.triplefishlines.com/
  3. gofishny, Mark your copper with a paint marker, they work pretty good or Atommic sells copper already marked every 50'. Championship, 50# pp is the way to go when you get into big sections of copper 400'+. Its alot of drag in the water then add a pi**ed off King into the mix. Its an added insurance policy to protect your copper investment.
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    Just couldnt hold out any longer
  5. A disinfection solution currently used for salmon eggs also prevents transmission of the virus that causes viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) in other hatchery-reared fish eggs, according to new US Geological Survey (USGS)-led research. One of the most dangerous viral diseases of fish, VHS has caused large mortalities in wild fish stocks in the US and especially in the Great Lakes region, where thousands of fish have died from the virus over the last few years. The disease causes internal bleeding in fish yet is not harmful to humans. The virus has thus far been detected in over 25 species of fish in Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie, St Clair, Superior and Ontario, as well as the Saint Lawrence River and inland lakes in New York, Michigan and Wisconsin states. Effective disinfection methods are crucial to natural resource agencies that collect eggs from wild fish stocks and private aquaculture because the spread of the virus to a fish hatchery could be devastating, said Mark Gaikowski, a USGS researcher who led the USGS and US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) research team. “If VHS virus is introduced into the aquaculture industry, it could lead to trade restrictions, as well as direct economic losses from the disease,†he observed. USGS and USFWS researchers tested the effectiveness of using iodophor disinfection in walleye and northern pike eggs and found that it eliminated the active virus from fertilized eggs. Iodophor disinfectant solutions contain iodine formulated for use on fish eggs. The researchers also found that, although some disinfection treatments reduced hatch, iodophor treatment at 90 minutes after fertilization occurred did not alter egg hatch or fry development. Experts worry the virus could spread from the Great Lakes into new populations of native fish in the 31 states of the Mississippi River basin. Regulatory agencies in the US and Canada have already placed restrictions on the movement of fish or fish products that could pose a risk for the spread of VHS to regions beyond the known geographic range. The research was funded by the USGS and the North Central Regional Aquaculture Centre (NCRAC) from the US Department of Agriculture Cooperative State, Research, Education and Extension Service. The iodine used during egg disinfection was donated by Western Chemical Inc, Ferndale, Washington. Heres some good info: http://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/2009/3107/pdf/fs20093107.pdf
  6. I do it the same way. I "babysit" it till it gets away from boat and away from trouble and then its on its own till it hits the right depth. I flip the lever, double check the drag, and its all set. On calm days it works great but some days someone may have to thumb the spool occasionally to put tension back on the line.
  7. I run them also on my outside riggers. All it takes is a slight bend (very slight, few degrees) to get them to track away from the boat. Anything more than that they start to swim and flutter in the water. They arent the best option to reduce blowback but what you do get is a little bit more separation and a wider spread with your riggers.
  8. Nice reel but it is only gonna get you 300' of copper or less. Alot of guys run daiwa heartland rods for copper or ive been running ugly sticks from Atommic http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/uglystick.htm
  9. http://www.erie-insurance.com/ http://www.unitedmarine.net/boat_insurance.asp http://www.charterlakes.com/ https://www.boatus-insurance.com
  10. i would suggest running the longest lead you can get away with. I run 8-10' leaders. 20# for spoons and 30# for flasher/fly
  11. 30' is a good length to start with and start fresh with a new leader before every season too.
  12. Boat size is always going to dictate leader size. I would recommend 8-10'.
  13. Ive ran 12# (which seemed too light) and 30# (which seemed too heavy) and settled with 20# copolymer (Its a little bit more abrasion resistant than mono). 95% of the time i use fixed slider just because i can control the depth its running at but free sliders have their days. Check out Alberta clippers, they will get the job done for you.
  14. I have a couple of 2oz and 4oz divebombs on the boat. They arent something i run all the time but more in desperation to achieve a certain depth with copper or leadcore. They have put fish in the boat that otherwise i would not of been able to catch. I feel they steal some of the "waving" action that lead and copper have so if you find yourself using them often then it may be time to buy a rig that reaches the fish alittle better. Mikes video is great, check it out.
  15. I run 4 riggers, some guys run 3, some run 5, I even know one who runs 6 (yes i said 6). A rigger down the chute can be a real pain in the butt when you have a "rookie" on the rod or the net which makes 4 nice but 5 gives you lots of options. I think though when it comes to the next boat, i may have 5.
  16. Usually March is the worse month for me! Hopefully in 5-6 weeks the weather is nice enough to get her out of storage.
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    Thanks guys! It was my first attempt at this. nailer- windows movie maker program... It took a little while to learn all of the functions but its fairly simple to use. And then of course you just need to upload it to youtube.
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    Check it out! RIX_dUeqI58
  19. Mag divers on your deep divers will help with separation but are not nessasary. Run your deep divers on a .5-1 and you high diver on a 2.5 will keep you out of trouble. Color never matters all long as the are black!
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