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  1. Some more from Lake Ontario! 27+# from this past year father in law with 32-10# my better looking half with a 21# father in law 31-3# my uncle 30-3# an early August 33-5#
  2. 95% of what i run are either Northern KIng or Stingers (both have their days). But because of their success of this past season i gotta give my vote to Stinger.
  3. Our biggest of the year was a 32#10oz King which took grand prize in the Orleans county derby. The fish fell to a Stinger glow gator (stinger size) off the rigger. Heres the fish... Heres the bait...
  4. the bottom pics really show the water spout hitting the water. (look for the surface disturbance). It popped up in about 150 fow and then died out when it touch land. I was hoping it would sucked up some fish off the bottom and put em in the spread.
  5. AM Fortunately my father in law and myself both had today off from work and deside to spend it derby fishing this morning. From the reports it sounded like everyone was working the inside water, fishing the bait and hooks rather than temp. We set up just inside of 110 fow and found hooks and bait down 60-80' down. We quickly boated 1 steelhead and lost 3 others in a matter of 30 mins. Stinger glow gators and white double crush smartfish down 65-75' range attracted all the attention. We circle on our waypoints and boated a small king on a Stinger NBK 65' on a cheater off the riggers. On our third pass the 65' rigger fired, we were hooked into a major and he just about spooled us on his first run. We ended our morning boating 2 Kings, 2 Steelhead, 1 Laker, and dumping 4 others, working 100-140 fow. Officially 32#10oz in the Orleans County Derby. PM The family and I fished for about an hour tonight right at sunset. We fished 3 rigger rods 55', 65', and 77' down and managed 3 Kings with the biggest being 22#.
  6. I had all the intensions in the world of running offshore first thing this morning but instead I stopped to take a look inside. In 85 fow we had bait clouds and big hooks so we set up and fished the warm water for an hour and never moved a rod. We quickly abandoned the inside water and started a north troll. On our way out we picked up a few fish but with nothing really showing on the screen, we continued north. 450-470 fow straight off the creek proved to be our best area of the day. The fish were 40- 80' down w/ 50-60' being the best target depth. Stinger glow gators on the 45', 50', and 60' on the riggers did most of the damage. 10 color leadcore pulling a red headed silver bullet and ten color leadcore pulling a purple NK nbk also took fish. The 350' copper pulling a white double crush Smartfish and an atommic ssw fly took an 11# Steelie and the 260' wire dipsey pulling a green double crush Smartfish pulling a lime green fly took a teenage king. We had a pretty consistant bite throughout the morning once we were in 330'+ and finished strong after a slow start. We ended up 14 for 17 with our catch dominated by Steelies topped with a few Kings and a 9# Brown.
  7. Thanks guys. The fishing has been exceptionally great out of my home port for the past week. Lots of mature king in the 20s being caught including 2 i heard yesterday just under 30#.
  8. Captain Jax joined me this morning and we enjoyed another good day out of Sandy Creek. Cold water has moved inside and is quite high in the water column so we set up 70 fow and trolled NW in search of some active fish. Our morning started when we doubled up in 114 fow on the 30' and 40' riggers, both loaded w/ Stinger glow gators. For the next few hours we had a steady pick of fish 30-75' down on the riggers w/ Stinger glow gators and NBKs (stinger and stingray). A green double crush Smartfish pulling a green glow fly took a lake trout for us but that was the only fish on a flasher/fly. Most of our action was between 100-137 fow west of the creek and trolling west into the current. We finished up the day 9 for 14 w/ a mixed bag including Kings, Steelhead, a Laker, and a Brownie.
  9. Thanks guys! The date is wrong it should read 7-22 but i dont know how to edit.
  10. Armed with reports that there was still good fishing in 200-300 fow we headed offshore this morning to this previous weekend's waypoints and setup in 240 fow. With an improved down temp but a screen that was virtually void of life we spread everything out (35'-100 down) looking for some active fish. It didnt take long for probe rigger parked at 75' to fire with a Stinger stingray NBK. Acting like big kings do, it started a big run, broke us off, and took our hardware with it. The riggers werent hot today but they did manage a few. Riggers 75', 50', and 40' down w/ NK NBKs and Stinger glow gators took fish. The diver rods and the 450 copper took most of the fish. 210' dipsey rod w/ a green double crush smartfish and 240' dipsey rod w/ a green on white smartfish took a couple of fish each. The fish over 20# today hit the 450' copper w/ a white double crush Smartfish pulling an Attomic SSW fly. We ended our morning 9 for 13 with nothing but quality fish. The majority of the catch being big kings (all over 15# w/ the biggest being 24#) but we also landed 2 nice steelhead (1 being 10-11#).
  11. My top three colors are...black, black, and black. So for the most part i only run black dipseys. Although i think on some days that the dipsey color may help (especially with cohos), i would rather try to take it out of the equation completely. I do still use chrome and glow dipseys but on a rare occasion. I believe that black dipseys add stealth to a delivery tool rather than an additional attractor. They allow the fish to concentrate on the bait (spoon, flasher/fly, etc) and not on the entire rig.
  12. There have been some really great reports out of the Sandy Creek since Memorial day weekend. The King bite has been very consistent and they have dominated most of the boats catches. Reports of some Kings in the low 20s too. On Sunday morning we left the dock just after 5:00 and headed for 100+ fow, west of the creek. We entered the lake to an incredible sunrise and more importantly a 1 foot chop and an overcast sky. We reached 150 fow, on a north troll, and setup on a very nice screen. While sending the second rigger down the probe rigger fires. King on! 70' down on an NK nbk. We continued a hot and heavy rigger bite for the next hour or so. It took us about an hour to get 6 rods in the water. Riggers 40- 70' down, loaded with NK and Stinger NBKs was the hot ticket. After the first hour the bite slowed down for us and the wire/dipsey bite turned on. 155' on the dipsey rods with green/crush on white smartfish took 4 fish for us. All of the action for us seemed to be between 40-70' down. We fished above and below that but couldnt seem to pull any of those fish. We ended the day with 11 for 15 (Kings, 1 steelhead, and 1 Coho).
  13. If your looking for complete copper setups check out http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/misc.htm Tom has Penn, Shimano ,and Okuma reels (all set up) w/ ugly stick rods. The UPS man just delivered my new 450' on tues!
  14. Saturday May 23 Left the dock, headed straight out of the creek, and set up in 90 FOW. With some reports of some decient fishing in 90-100 FOW, I thought it would be a good place to start. It didnt take long and we were hooked up on the 6 color leadcore. We spent the morning working a small strip of water 90-110 FOW between the pumphouse and the woods, straight out in front of the creek. Not a ton of action on the riggers but 25- 80' down did produce some fish. NK purple thunder, NK nbk, and Stinger nbk all took fish. Wire divers out 280' w/ crush/green on white spinny accounted for a couple fish (kings) and 210' w/ crush/green on white smartfish w/ a Atommic ssw fly (Yankee toller will be happy) accounted for the two big fish of the day (king and big laker over 15#). The hot setup for us today was 6 color leadcore with a Stinger nbk, taking over ten hits. The problem with the setup was that the fish didnt want to stay hooked up on it. I did managed to snag another Captains leadcore with my very own leadcore today. I ended up cutting his spoon off my leadcore rig, sending down on my probe rigger (could help myself), and it pulled a king for us too. Thanks Scott ! Just before 11:00 we triple up and ended our day on a high note. A happy crew today including a very happy rookie who realized that theres more to fishing than bass fishing. Ended the day 17- 25+. Mixed bag of Kings, Steelies, and a couple of chickens. Sunday May 24 This morning we left the dock and headed right for the eastern end of our waypoints. We setup in 105 FOW and made a unsuccessful first pass through our waypoints. As we reach the end of our way points we turned east and tried another unsuccesful pass. Down temp was about 47 degrees down 75' which was about 3 degrees colder than yesterday. I thought we would swing it deeper and take a peek. When we hit 130 fow we hooked up. The screen and the action was best between 130-150FOW and east of the creek. We ran a very similar program to yesterdays. 8 color leadcore w/ a Stinger nbk really turned on for us as the day went on. Producing the first and the last fish of the day. Wire divers parked at 220' (one being a crush/green on white Spinny and the other a Smartfish crush/green on white) accounted for four of the fish today. The rigger action picked up alittle bit today and saw action between 35-60' down w/ Nk nbk and Stinger nbk. Ended the day around 11:00, 15 for 20 w/ another mixed bag of steelies, kings, cohos, 1 chicken, and 1 atlantic. Monday May 25 With the action of the past 2 days We headed right out to our waypoints looking for fish. We stopped in 90 FOW looking for a screen to fish and found some good bait and hooks in 135 FOW. Sent the first line down on the rigger, 65' down, and it fires. King on! Handed the rod off, went to the other side of the boat, and sent another rigger down and it fires before i finish setting the drag. Nice way to start! Doubled up! Rigger bite started really hot for us this morning with riggers parked at 45, 55, 65, and 75. (all loaded with Stinger and NK nbks). Leadcore 8 colors only went 3 times with a Stinger nbk. Wire diver out 220' w/ crush/green on white Spinny fired once all day but it put a 20# king in the hands of a 12 year old kid. We pull the lines at 10:00 and ended the day 13 for 15 w/ kings, a coho, and a couple of steelies. Today I forgot the camera, so no pics today.
  15. 1. when running spoons and plugs check your hooks and keep them sharp 2. i switched over to running all tournament tied flies last year and it increased my hook ups 3. i run 30# mono leaders 8-10' long (adds a little bit of stretch to your setup) 4. snubbers do their job well when everything else is in order 5. loosen your drags. get your speed right and tighten your drags till they stop clicking. 6. try not to let unexperienced anglers grab the rod and set the hook. Let experience set the hook and get the fish under control before handing the rod over. (ive seen this to many times) 7. but still your gonna loose some fish.
  16. heres a knot for you- http://www.lotsa.org/Wire%20Line%20Knot.htm
  17. Myself and Captain Jax left the mouth of the creek about 6:30 in a thick fog and immediately began trolling, towards the pump house, with the usual sticks off the boards and running a single rigger. We worked that 8-12 fow and with nothing for our efforts on the western troll, we turned at the pump house and headed back towards the mouth of the creek. On our first pass of the creek, we pulled a brownie out of the small mud plume (which was almost 3 degrees warmer). The fish came off the rigger with a stinger nbk parked 6' down and 50' back. We spent the remainder of the day working that warm pocket of water (which the north wind was slowly pushing back into the creek). On our last pass of the day we doubled up on a brownie and a real nice smallmouth off the riggers. The brownie took a stinger nbk off the riggers and the smallmouth took a stinger irish car bomb off the other rigger. Nice end to the day! On a side note: The Sandy Creek pen project succesfully released 7500 healthy, pen reared steelhead on saturday evening.
  18. Dirty Dog, Irish car bomb is a monkeyshine. It earned its nickname due to the fact that one day noone on board knew the name of the spoon that was putting all the fish in the boat. Because of its color and the success we had, the name just stuck.
  19. Left the dock this morning and headed west of Newman's point. We set up in about 12 fow and headed east. With the waves out of the west and the 25-30 mph wind out the southwest trolling speed was an issue. Once we got our speed figured out we quickly boated our first fish of the day. A 8# brownie that took a renegade stick off the planer board in about 10 fow out in front of the "woods". The fish managed to tangle 2 downrigger lines and 1 line off the opposite planer board (what a mess). We spent alot of time today fighting the wind and the waves. We did end the day 3 for 4 all brownies and all on the same stickbait. We lost one on a stinger (irish car bomb) off the rigger 4'down and 50' back. The other boats i talked to all seemed to do about the same. A fair amount of boats out this morning but most got blow off the lake by 8:30-9:00.
  20. Very nice bird, is it at the taxidermists yet?
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