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  1. Dr. Hook, hindsight is definitely 20/20. There is no way of knowing just exactly how you will end up. You do what you can control, and we felt we could control getting the maximum number of fish to weigh. It may not be a winning box, but you have caught your number, and no one can really question you. You fish for the fun, but you also fish to win, or place in the top ten or so, and you can't do that without getting your number. We had lots of trout to clean, and give to people who love em, which is rewarding in itself
  2. Definitely not a rumor! They got on the kings and patterned them from the get go. We had hoped to do the same, but could not get the king program going. then it comes down to having to get ten fish to weigh, and see where the chips fall. I dont get to excited about grease, and would never choose to just fish for them, but you got to take whats there to get your number
  3. Catch your grease and you are now bringing 10 fish to the scale, instead of 5 \
  4. Sup Dave.Nice work today. This targa 18 post.... was wonderin if you could delete his last post to me. I could care less what he says about me, but my dads a great man and i dont want people reading that crap. Id appreciate it

  5. Nice kings. Any bait showing up yet out front? moorning bite, or late morning?
  6. Come fish the Steeelheaders challenge in may Dave, its a great tourney and we would like to see you stop whining and perform under some pressure
  7. Nice work. 240. you ended up about 120 to 140 ft too deep
  8. The difference is..If your not in the pack after the first day, there is little chance to have a good day and get back in it..unless of course you catch 5 25 pound kings
  9. So we fished the Muskegon Triport over the weekend under the catch 10 weigh 5 format, and heres my take. First things first I am hoping the BRC comittee is not mislead by the reasons for the big turnout. There were 80 boats,22 Pros and 58 Ams, the biggest turnout on the trail so far. As most know this was a three port tournament, which I believe was the major reason for the turnout. Secondly, allowing the boats to sign up rght up untill the captains meeting was a major factor for getting the smaller boats in, who had an oppurtunity to keep an eye on the weather up till the tournament and decide if they wanted to fish. No late fees or waiting around after paying a month in advance to hope the lake is fishable. In my opinion the catch format had little to no effect. On to the fishing: Congrats to the winners and those who were able to find the big fish, because there were tons of little fish around. Ive read alot of opinions on this format and the dumbed down quotes are right on the money. The competive excitement we have on tournament day definitely did not equal that of any other tournament we have ever fished. For us there wasnt the excitement of catching your number, it was all about not catching, as in little fish. Tournaments should be about catching your number. You should be rewarded for catching a 3# coho on a meat rig, not seeing that fish go down as one less opportunity to get a bigger one. Which poses the question..there are lots of people that oppose the 5 fish,and those that like it. But what is the sound fundamental reason for only allowing 10 fish to be caught? I would love to know the reasoning. Give teams more margin for error as you might call it, or more room to manuever as far as upping it to 15 or DNR limit. This alone I believe would make a better transition into the catch 5 format. There is one major flaw I see in this format: There is no real opportunity to make a huge jump in the standings for a boat who would have a less than stellar day one. That was one of the best parts of a catch 10,12,or 15. You just cant make up the points in a five fish format. Thats what keeps teams going on day 2, the excitement of havin an awesome day, and knowing that if the boats ahead of u had tougher ones, you could make a huge jump in the standings. So, just my opinion. Great lakes salmon fishing is the most thrilling rewarding fishing out there. Put it in a tournament format, and the excitement is incredible, dumb it down with a catch 5 format, and you kill the excitement.
  10. Nice work. Always enjoy listening to whine all morning about boat traffic as well
  11. With the Grand Haven Offshore approaching this weekend, i thought i would take some time to tell our story about the biggest tournament on the trail for us. To the guys out there that are on the fence about tournaments, I thought i would provide a story that could sway your opinion on the topic. We are the Wild at Heart Fishing Team. We fish out of a 22 foot century. Not huge, but tournament ready. Quickly, in 2008, our first year in the Offshore was quite an experience. 7 fish on day one was ok for us considering the rough seas that can make it tough for a boat like ours to fish well. Day two brought clear skies and calm seas and we boxed 12 fish in two hours of fishing. As a tournament team in year 6 now, that was our first ever 12 fish tournament limit. We now knew that we could do it. The 2009 Offshore came with great anticipation for us. We really felt we could compete. Two rough days of prefishing and eliminating water told us where not to fish. After some helpful tips from charter captains and teams we knew quite well... Day 1 arrived. What an exciting morning to be competing. We set up basically in traffic that morning because we knew the salmon were there. We took our first 7 kings in about the first two hours. A great start. The most memorable part of that was trolling about as close as you can without problems or boat damage next to a well known charter boat from up north (I wont mention the name) and poppin 5 fish in about 30 minutes while they caught none. They watched all the action on our 22 footer and i tell you what... it felt great. Kind of like we belonged! Keeping on our waypoint back and forth we boxed our 12. Although the last one took forever. After all the boats were weighed in we were sittin pretty. Stuck in a log jam in the top 15 two points behind eventual champion Team Double Down. Its hard to beat the feeling of being in contention day 2 as your rollin through the pierheads. And its hard to beat the feeling of a little pressure knowing you have to catch twelve again. But hey... this is what we sign up for. Day 2 brought clear skies, calm seas, and about 12 different boats setting up close to our waypoints. Not good. 2hours of trolling brought us only two fish this time. Now were against the clock. Time to make a move. Go for broke as some might say. Decided quickly to run it in to about 80 to 90 where nobody was fishin. What a move. In short we pulled five fish in close to an hour. We had a great average weight going. If we could catch 5 more with that average we would have been top 3. We had 2 an a half hours to get em. We were in the zone and rollin. Wouldnt you know... we must have caught the only 5 fish in there. So close, but yet so far away. Thats tournament fishin for ya. What an effort put in by Team Double Down with the crews first victory. These guys fish in a 20 footer, respectively. They are a standard in the AM division. And a great bunch of guys to fish against and compare yourself too. Small boat anglers can do well out there in the tournaments guys. Dont let your boat size shy you away. Also dont expect instant success right away. Instead be willing to learn and take your lumps as a fun learning experience. Give tournament fishing a try, you just might be glad you did.
  12. If you want to put more fish in the box on days when the fishing is tough in my opinion the copper will do that for you. We traded in the leadcore for copper with the exception of the halfcore. Copper in the shorter length of 75, 100, 150, 200 cam be deadly for kings year round. those are all set up with 45lb. The 100 foot seems to always catch big kings when they arent so deep. We also fish to 300 45lb with great success. Buying a 300 30 lb is a great way to go. It has been out fishing all other coppers the last two years. The 450 is a beast but hey...Fish on. As far as tournament fishing goes copper can be the difference in comin in with a box of twelve fish. As opposed to seven. Late in the mornin the coppers can round out your box. Are the days where leadcore out fishes it? Absolutely. But the key to the copper is the depth you can achieve with a shorter length.
  13. Once again the Wild At Heart Fishing Team was back out on the water looking to take it to the fish after a bit of a dissapointing tournament. What a great night to go fishing. Worked north of the stacks in 140 to 205 all night. We ended up going 14 for 16 with our two lost fish coming off right behind the boat. It was a blurry nite so ill do the best i can here. 4 of our fish were kings over ten pounds withe the biggest one around 14-15. The big one came on a double orange crush gold on a half core. The other 3 were on a free slider JP slammer king killer, a light tackle rigger with moonshine double trouble 60 down, and an 11'' white echip paddle with an oceanic fly 100 down. This paddle also took a decent lake trout. The rest of the fish came on half cores, coppers 200, 300s, sliders, and riggers. Doc silver,gold,green dolphin mag, moonshine mongolian beef were the other spoons that took fish. A 450 copper with an 8'' white echip paddle and Big Weenie no see um fly caught a laker and a king. A fireline diver with a mountain dew spinny/pickled sunshine fly took a nice fish as well as a wire diver with a 10'' UV spinny/ pickled sunshine fly. Best troll was basically East and west .
  14. Steiny, nice job on the fish. Looks like youll be addin those to the Double Down arsenal? We have two pro kings we fish: #91 black gold/white ladderback, and mag green dolphin. Great for kings. Lookin forward to seein you guys in two weeks.
  15. sorry for the late report on this. Set up in 100 fow a bit south of the Holland pierheads after the 7 oclock shotgun start and headed on a sw troll. Hooked our first fish on a dr 50 down and lost it at the back of the boat. k\Kind of came back to haunt us. The first fish we landed came on an nbk stinger on a free slider. All three riggers quickly were changed to nbk sliders and took two more kings and two lakers on them. At 8:30 we had five decent fish in the box. Worked 100 to 130 with no more fish. Finally after an hour we took a fish on a rigger 60 down with a half moonshine green with ladderback. Our last fish came on a 300 copper black/green ladderback moonshine. Seems like we get stuck on 7 alot in the tournaments. Did not pick up a fish in the last 2 and a half hours. For some reason we cant catch the small ones we need to round out the box?? Out of 41 boats we finished 8th, a respectable finish. Beat all the boats who weighed 8fish. Had 41 total pounds and suprisingly had the third highest weight. We were 10 pounds short of the winners who weighed twelve. We fished hard today and took some good lessons home with us. Congratulations to the Maatley Crew on their victory. Next stop is the Grand Haven Offshore Classic.
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