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  1. Too much pressure is my guess. You should barely have a good grip of your sharpener when touching the hook. I can't stress enough how little pressure you should use. You'll be amazed at how fast and well this does for you.
  2. In a tourny, blood loss is weight loss. Thump em!
  3. Dreamweaver SS target tip NBK started to fire a lot the second half of last season.
  4. mongoose, green dolphin, gator, nbk, and my new favorite, the black fin. The fish liked it so much, a king decided to bite one off this past sunday!
  5. Use a type of loop knot so the action of the j-plug is at it's maximum. I've done this for the past 10 years or so and my catch rate on them went up a bunch.
  6. My new favorite is the Dreamweaver 8" super glow green spin doctor w/ a super green glow fly (self made). It's been killer the first half of the mornings and on cloudy days. You Michigan guys might want the blue one though.LOL I'm going to start giving time to the chart. edge glow spin doctor and I'll let you know how it does.
  7. We do very well with the Hammerhead cowbell and a med. size spin-n-glow w/ 4 beads between hook and spinner about 27" behind. BTW: Why do they call it a spin-n-glow if most of them don't glow? Should it be a spin-n-GO instead?
  8. I think your voltage looks fine. You just don't want the negative kind.
  9. As far as last season & and so far this season, Magnum Dreamweavers are catching just as many fish on my wires as my spindoctors do. Those spoons run awesome even w/ faster speeds.
  10. I don't even bother w/ braid anymore. All wires for me. I get a lot of bows & coho's early in the season with them deployed 30-60' out. Them fish are out of the water before you can say "fish on!".
  11. Fast speed/more action. If I have leaders under 22" then I use them w/ the slower action hole.
  12. Guys that are running outriggers, I was wondering what your using for holders? I have gimbal mounts now and when the outriggers are deployed, they are quartering way too far towards the bow and I don't like it. I want to put on deck mount holders so I can be a touch more forward than perpendicular to the boat. I know of a couple guys running dotlines. Any suggestions? Thanks
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