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  1. I use to run outriggers all the time. But with planer boards in the water on almost every trip and more and more junk lines, the use of outriggers is non existent on my boat . Flatlines, high divers, cores, coppers, virtually anything can be put in them though.
  2. 20# Blood Run fluoro for spoons and 30# Blood Run fluoro for flasher/fly or meat/paddle
  3. Check out Blood Run's "Sea flee". Its a round shaped 30# mono that is silicone coated. Weve had great success so far this season on Lake Ontario with it. http://bloodruntackle.gostorego.com/shop/premium-monofilaments/seaflee-300-yards.html
  4. Another vote for Amish Outfitters. Great customer service. http://www.amishoutfitters.com/catalog.htm
  5. 32# copper does have a slower sink rate then 45# and is more easily affected by current and speed. The heavier the copper the better it is at holding depth. My thoughts are Short coppers (less then 200') = 32# long coppers (+ 250') = 45# 60# copper is also a great choice for long coppers and sees its greatest advantages after 300'. Soon we will be seeing some numbers on other speeds too which will give us a bettter understanding of how much speed affects the sink rates of our coppers.
  6. Better late then never! Saturday... We left dock dead set on finding Kings. Kings, KIngs, Kings! We set up inside of 90 fow and pointed Northeast in full search mode. We eventually found what we were looking for in 160-170 fow and pulled fish from a short 1/2 mile spot. Working waypoints, we had a steady pick of mostly Kings (all classes and up to low 20s), a few small Lakers (up really high), and a steelhead. Blood Run divers out 100-145' w/ Spin Doctors and flies saw the most action for us. 5 color leadcore pulling a Irish car bomb along with riggers with green dot SD/flies, DW SS orange slurpie, and DW paddle and meat all took fish for us. On a side note... huge scum line with a slight temp break out in about 200 fow but we found zero fish on it. East wind along with the 2' east chop absolutely killed the bite for us at 10:00. Like a switch was flipped. 14 bites up to that point and only 1 bite from 10-12. Our screen vaporized! Sunday... We left the dock with yesterdays Kings still fresh in our heads only to be greeted by the east wind and that 2' east chop that shut us down the day before. We set up inside and headed to our waypoints from the day before. But before we reached our destination, 300' copper starts screaming. Low 20s KIng. Great way to start the day. But what a huge difference a day makes... At 10:30 we had only 3 bites but lucky for us a late morning bite put 5 more fish in the boat. Opposite of yesterdays early bite. Today it was all Kings (all classes and up to low 20s). 300' Blood Run coppers with green dot Spin Doctors/ flies along with a DW paddle and meat took our bigger fish. High spoons off the riggers NBK, glow Gator, hammer also took fish for us. Unlike the day before the divers were quiet. Best depth today was 110-140' and west of the creek. Much cleaner screen then the day before.
  7. I bought them as diver reels (and a few for the riggers) and replaced my Convectors with them. So far so good. Very noticeable and nice upgade.
  8. Fishing continues to be good from Sandy. We set down in 90 fow pulling a set dominated by flasher flies. Great screen inside of 120' but we managed to only pull Lakers from it. 300' Blood Run coppers, wire divers, and riggers with Spin Doctors and flies all took fish for us. We made a move out to deeper water and found some silvers in 180-220 fow. We were rewarded with some Kings, a coho, and a 10#8oz Brown (which ate a flasher fly off a deep wire diver). 50/50 bite out there with DW SS spoons vs Spin Doctors. High spoons on the high riggers and 5 color core took fish along with 300' Blood Run coppers, wire divers, and deep riggers all with Spin Doctors and flies.
  9. Saturday... With the complete lack of colored water to chase Browns right out the front door, we decided to make the move off of shore for the first time this year looking for anything silver. In the hopes of finding Kings, we set up in 50fow and trolled Northeast with an aggressive set featuring almost all flasher/ flies. Once we hit 96 fow, our day got started with a triple on Lake Trout. From there the stage was set and Silvers would some how avoid the boat for the entire day. It was like an all you could eat chicken festival at Sandy Creek. Great year class of fat Lakers with the majority of fish over 12# and our big fish of the day at 20#. We looked at water from 60'- 220' only to find more and more Lakers. By mornings end we would end up with over 3 dozen fish on. Our producers todat were... Capt Valium Spin Doctors off the Blood Run 300' coppers, Green/ white crush Spin doctors off the Blood Run wire divers, 72 Monte SD off the deep rigger, and Mt dew Spin Doctor off the 65' rigger would be all we needed in the water for the day. Insane flasher/ fly bite on those 6 rods as the other 3 rods only did 2 bites with spoons all day. Needless to say my kid was extremely tired by the end of the trip! Sunday... Knowing where the Lakers were, we headed father east looking for water. Same spread as yesterday but with 3 high DW SS spoons in the set looking for Steel and Coho. Once again we picked away at Lakers all through the water column as we headed east. When we reached Wautoma, we made the decision to run to Braddocks point. We were looking for some different water and a day and a half in and still not a silver on board. By mornings end though, we would finally be rewarded with 3 Kings in the boat. Mixed bag for us today with over 25 bites filled with a smaller class of Lakers, Steelhead, and Kings. Once again, Capt Valium Spin Doctors off the Blood Run 300' coppers, Green/ white crush Spin doctors off the Blood Run wire divers, 72 Monte off the deep rigger, and Mt dew Spin Doctor off the 65' rigger would be all we needed in the water for the day. Only 1 spoon bite the entire day for us. We covered alot of water today (50'-260') from Sandy to Braddocks point only to find it virtually all looks the same with only a slight temp difference to make it any different. Lots of cold (mid 40s), green, and clean water out there.
  10. The lake was tough on us tonight and truely forced us to grind out every bite. With the east wind the water was constantly changing before our eyes as we fished it. Alot of mud water in tight and out past 20 fow in some spots. We only found 2 pockets of water that produced for us. 1 was just west of the Cowsucker creek plume and the other was just west of Newmans point. Both spots held 44 degree "green" water. We ended the night with 13 bites total including our first King of the season. Riggers and slide divers loaded with DW SS and big boards dragging stick baits all took fish for us. We boated a Laker, a King, Browns, a Steelhead, and a Coho but still needed an Atlantic for the Lake Ontario slam.
  11. Yes, 450' of 45# Blood Run copper will fit on a Okuma 55. My reels have 300' of 50# Blood Run braid, 450' of 45# Blood Run copper, and 35' of 30# Blood Run fluoro leader.
  12. VMC 8540BN #1 & #2 trebles- awesome replacement hook and reasonably priced. Gamakatsu and Owners are great too but with no availbility in bulk and a huge price tag makes it tough to change every hook out. http://www.shortyshooks.com/
  13. Surprisingly 32# and 45# both have about the same sink ratio but 45# gets there much faster then 32#.
  14. The Berkely seems to be the best choice out there... http://www.berkley-fishing.com/products/tools-and-equipment/classics/line-counter
  15. as a general rule of thumb, Copper has a sink rate of 22' down per 100' deployed with spoons and a sink rate of 20' down per 100' deployed with spoons with 8" flashers. Something comparable to 10, 7, and 5 colors would be 200', 150' and 100' coppers.
  16. Special mate boxes are great. They are the best thing I have found to keep your spoons and sticks organized but they do take up alot of valuable space.
  17. This is my first attempt at editting GoPro Footage. Typical mixed bag spring fishing on Lake Ontario, Port of Sandy Creek in Hamlin, NY in May of 2012. http://youtu.be/drzieJrefus
  18. Legacy Sportfishing- Lake Ontario-GoPro Mothers Day 2012 http://youtu.be/qytvzHsjgo4
  19. Check this out: http://www.lakeontariooutdoors.com/stories/news-story/lure-overload/
  20. To quote the website... "BLOOD RUN 7 STRAND stainless fishing wire is a proven leader in stainless wire fishing technology. Blood Run .015 inch diameter 30lb stainless breaks up to an incredible 43lbs, the strongest in its class!" http://www.coppertrollingwire.com/FishingLine/stainless-fishing-wire-line/
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