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    I am the captain of Charlie's Angels Fishing team. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, TOURNAMENTS =)
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  1. Did not recieve a PM from you...Dont know if there was a problem somewhere along the lines or not
  2. Again being that everyone seems to be against me, i was in the channel at 1:00. I do not launch my boat everytime, i keep it in a marina on the north side of the lake, i called jim at about 5 after one and asked him if he would like me to slip and drive around or tie off at a dock at grand trunk. He did not want to tie up all the docks at grand trunk and simply asked me to drive around. i was in route at 1:10 however it is quite a drive around muskegon lake, if anyone has a problem with what happend please feel free to give me a PM and we can settle this our selves. My team is not nor have we ever been cheaters. We are a bunch of "kids" who simply love to salmon fish. Thank-you for not making us welcome and for not encouraging the younger generation to get involved in the sport. If people do not want us to come back next year we wont. SEND ME A PM IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY TO ME
  3. for the record i called jim at 1:06 Pm on saturday. I asked him if he would like me to park my boat at my marina and drive around or if i should pull up to a dock and walk up. He said he didnt want to plug up the marina and not have any docks available and being that two other tournament boats were currently in view of myself coming in they knew i was not cheating. Im sorry you feel like you were "cheated" out of first place but last time i checked you cant always be the best fisherman and once in a while someone else has to win. I had a good box for once can you give me a little credit? And being that you won points championship im pretty sure you had enough to fill your boat.
  4. We have been there a few times but we call Muskegon home. We tend to fish alot of places though!

  5. This weekend and havent decided on a port yet. Probably Sault St Marie unless someone else has a better spot.
  6. Im looking for any and all information on fishing on the saint marys river. Me and a couple buddies are going up and fishing and need a little bit of help. Ive heard you can catch atlantics and kings but i have never done it and would like a little info before we leave. Any information would be helpful> thanks Tyler
  7. charlie's angel, Hi. are you on augres river, i thought i seen that name on a boat there. I'm om the river myself docked at harbortown.

  8. We need some kings to move up, i Fished saturday and there arent enough here yet! hopefully this warm weather and rain will make them arrive!
  9. This boat pulls awesome i pull it with my half ton chevy truck all the time. It fishes amazingly well for its size and is very light on the wallet, the only reason i am selling this boat at all is because i bought a larger boat for charter purposes. I really like the boat and the fact that it will plane out at 2600 RPMs which if your not a speed demond like myself is perfect and so easy on the wallet. If you give me your email address i will hapily send you more pictures just send me a PM
  10. Just put another $500 into it a new floor and the trailer completely redone.This boat is ready for anything now
  11. Im in Jim, Theres plenty of room and i think its a great idea you cannot have enough good info on slow days!
  12. This boat is set up to drive from the lower helm with all the electronics, It has new motors and is completely set up. I was thinking fishability and price. However I have only fished a bridge boat twice in my life so i appreciate all the feedback
  13. yeah mike we fished mainly between the arms. My buddies went out today and caught a 11.5 lb brown, they ended up with 6 for 7 all with north ports but the best was number 69
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