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  1. Rumor has it that the above reel will not hold 600' of copper. The old version 345 GTI would hold 600' plus 300 yards of 50lb. power pro. Does anyone know how much copper with backing this new version will hold (45lb.) Thanks.
  2. Rumor has it that the new 345 penn gti 2 can not hold 600' of 45 lb test copper . Can anyone verify this and if so how much 45# copper will it hold with 300 yards of 50lb power pro. Thanks
  3. I'm in the process of setting up a 400' - 500' copper rig . Been reading different data / charts about how far 45# copper will run . Right now I'm leaning toward Howie's super copper . Is there a rule of thumb on how deep this will run @ approx. 2.0- 2.5 mph. ???? I reviewed the depth chart that was posted and it is different than others. Can any one give me a REALISTIC depth that this will run . How deep will 450' of 45lb Howie super copper go @ 1.5 to 3.0 . Would like to target the 90 -110 column . My reel has the capacity to hold 600' ( penn 345 with 300 yrds. of 50 # power pro). Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Does the Howie super copper spool the same as std. copper ????? Anything different with it re-spooling letting it out , amt. of drag, etc. Thanks
  5. Has anyone had a chance to use this new copper. Any feedback good or bad would be appreciated . Does it live up to being less troublesome as far as l less kinks , longevity, price, etc. What copper wire would you recommend ???? I have an option to go with a 400' ,500', or 600' rig. Any pluses or minuses on which one I go with ??? Thanks ahead of time for any input.
  6. Yankee Troller , what have you found best to mark length markings on copper line with ...... Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Line Dancin , Would you know what model # this rod is ????? Thanks again
  8. Nailer , Line Dancin, What knot are you using to splice mono. ????? Thanks
  9. Just purchased a penn 345 reel for a copper rig. !st question is if i use 45lb. copper how much copper willl fit on this reel if i use power pro for backing 50lb. test. how much backing will i need ????? 2nd guestion is I'm looking @ ugly stick big water rod 7' med action will this do the job or is there a better choice as far as action / lgth. 3rd and last question I'm having trouble keeping power pro backing on my 300' copper rig in the release what releases or tricks are you folks using ???? Thanks for any input really appreciate it.
  10. Spoonfed , Can you expain what you mean by double wrap on the copper line ??? Also if your running copper do you need to run a planner board ??? Looks like some folks are running in line or can you also run regular planner boards ( otters ). Is there a benefit with either one over the other ?????? Any and all input from everyone would be appreicated . Thanks
  11. New to site as of yesterday. I'm in the process of setting up my 1st copper rig. Purchased a Diawa Saltist lw50lca . My next step is to purchase a rod . I'm at a place now where i have a lot of questions : How long of a pole, do I go with roller guides or just with a roler tip ????? What # test do i get ??? How much backer do i need if i go with 45# . Any suggestions / or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Board looks really good and I'm looking forward to filling out my profile and getting to chat / exchange ideas / views.
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