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  1. Anticipating the western blow, we headed west out of port and set up in front of the park inside of 100 fow with hopes to ride the current back home later in the morning. The current was strong out of the west and was a struggle to get speed right all day. The riggers spent the day loaded with spoons and DW ss green halo down 50' was the first to fire and put a 21# king in the boat for us. Next the 300' Blood Run copper dragging a green dot Spinny w/ a Legacy fly starts screaming and puts another low 20s King in the boat. The deep rigger dragging a Stinger stingray along the bottom put a pile of Lake Trout in the boat and kept Hunter busy this morning (resulting in a 1.5 hour nap when we got home). As the morning went on the flasher/fly bite really turned on for us. 150' wire diver w/ a green halo Spinny, 300' copper w/ green halo spinny, 300' copper w/ green dot Spinny, and 160' wire diver w/ a green crush Smartfish all took fish for us this am. Lots of 50 degree water out there with some bait inside of 90 fow. We fished as far west as Devils Nose and ended east of the "can". West of port (where down temp was 5 degrees colder) and 75-85 fow was, by far, the best for us today. Fish were not hooking up real well today, and as a result we dropped 7 fish this morning including 4 good kings.
  2. http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000236089564 http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Legacy-Sportfishing/168718023744
  3. Left the dock this morning and trolled due north, right out of the pier heads. The plan was to find slowly head offshore and hopefully find a deeper water bite. 2 riggers slowly became 4 riggers, a mix of stickbaits off the boards, and even a 8 color core down the chute. On the way out we boated 1 laker which took a stickbait off the board. After giving it a fair shot for 2+ hours, seeing very few fish, zero bait on the screen, and lots ice cold water we abandoned the deeper water and headed in tight. The inside waters have been very good to us and today wouldnt be any different. The mud plume just in front of the creek seemed to be loaded with fish and gave us some good action including multiple doubles. The second half of the morning produced a couple steelhead, 3 Atlantics, and a half a dozen Browns for us. A mix of sticks off the boards (with pink and chart the 2 best colors) and Blood Run Fluoro loaded with DW ss green halo and green dolphin 6' down on the riggers did all the work.
  4. The leader material is just a bit stiffer. Buy the bulk flouro and it will treat you just the same.
  5. With the great fishing the past couple of weeks we headed out Saturday and fished the shallows right out front of the creek. We have been spoiled by incredible fishing lately and this weekend proved to be a tougher bite then what we have had. Best water for us was a mile stretch east of the creek in 10 fow. 10# Blood Run Fluoro pulling a mix of sticks off the boards (black/silver, yellow/silver, chart/ green) and off the riggers a Stinger green dolphin and Dreamweaver SS NBK 6' down all took fish. We boated 1 small King, 1 Coho, and 5 Browns. After spending about 3 hours inside we headed out deeper to look at some different water offshore. We headed north out to 60 fow without finding a fishable screen or moving a rod and called it a day by 10am. As the shallow bite seems to be fading the water offshore seems to be setting up nicely. On Sunday morning we were joined by my 8 year old son. The obvious goal of the day was to put some fish on for him to fight, so we followed the plan the has done so well for us this year. We pounded the inside water (10-25 fow) for over 2 hours before we were rewarded our 1st fish of the day. Once again a small section (1/2 mile) of water in front of the creek in 8-9 fow produced all of the fish for us. 10# Blood Run Fluoro pulling a Stinger green dolphin and Dreamweaver SS NBK 6' down off the riggers saw the majority of the action, with each taking 3 browns, and a small black/ silver stick off the boards also took 2 browns.
  6. Succesful turkey opener! Not the bird I was looking for but it certainly tastes the same. Straight from the roost had a few hens pass through the decoys with at least 5 jakes. Very surprised to not see any big toms in the group. Back at it next weekend!
  7. ‎4 hour trip on saturday lead to a Lake Ontario super slam boating a King, Laker, Brown, Coho, Steelhead, Atlantic, and a bonus smallmouth. Crazy morning to say the least with 40+ bites and 30+ fish landed. 10 fow and never far too from home (Newmans Point to Cowsucker Creek). DW ss off the riggers and a mix sticks off the boards did all the damage. 2-2.2 gps and trolling direction didnt seem to matter.
  8. Heres a good knot link http://www.animatedknots.com/indexfishing.php
  9. Mother nature put us a little behind schedule this year but finally dropped the boat in the water for the season on friday. Sunday afternoon conditions seemed perfect for a shakedown cruise and of course get a few lines wet. Leaving the pier heads I noticed a big "chocolate milk" plume out of the mouth and as far as the eye can see to the east and alot of fishable green water every where. After a quick boat ride we snuck into 10 fow and setup. Our first fish of the season was on before the line even made it into the release. We spent about 3 hours working a half mile section west of the plume. Solid action off the boards and the stickbaits color or size didnt seem to matter. The riggers were firing with a DW ss nbk and a Stinger black fin. The bite was mostly Browns with 5 Lakers and 4 Cohos mixed in. We landed 23, lost a few in the prop wash, and also had a few knock offs. Couldnt asked for a better shakedown!
  10. i would contact them directly and see what they can do for you. http://www.coppertrollingwire.com/contact-us/
  11. Its nice to have some light line setup at you disposal. Coho, steelhead, and kings are not line shy so i run my heavier line setups on them and sometimes with flouro leaders. Chasing browns with downriggers or flatlining the top 15' of the water column the lighter rigs come out to play.
  12. Its tough to compete with spin and glo set up. There are days though that mag spoons and flasher/ fly combos can do just as well.
  13. Individuallly for the charger and adding a battery switch may not be a bad idea also.
  14. Daiwa Heartland rods are a good pick and the price is good. If your looking for an upgrade Ugly sticks are a great option for both diver rods and copper rods.
  15. 25'+/- of 20# fluro or copolymer and I tend to replace the leader once it is under 10'. 25' gives me a little room to retie w/ 12-15' being optimal. There is no doubt shorter leaders take full advantage of the "swaying" action that leadcore has in the water and the "swaying" action is one of the biggest reasons leadcore puts fish in the boat.
  16. Its amazing the stuff you start to collect over the years. I realized that theres a reason some stuff is in the garage and not in the boat, and its simply because i dont use it. The past couple of weeks i put a for sale sign on the stuff and had a "garage sale". Now i just have to figure out what to "reinvest" it in!
  17. Its really a toss up between the fishfinder and the Subtroll and with that being said they are probably the 2 most important pieces of equipment. While there are days that I could live without one of them, and somedays 1 is more valuable then the other, but I cant imagine a day without both.
  18. Im a flasher/fly guy all the way but we had some success pulling DW super slims behind spin doctors last year. 36" leaders of 30# test with good swivels on both ends. Gator spinny pulling a gator SS was probably our best combo but we saw a few other combos work.
  19. 95% of my time on the water has at least 1 rigger with a cheater/ slider. i prefer to run mine fixed w/ roemer liberators because i gain control of where my bait is. For salmon i use 6-7' 30# cheater line and for trout i use a 6-7' 12# cheater line w/ a 20# downrigger line. The different # line (from your mainline) also helps in case of a tangle and gets it back in the water faster. There are no "rules". Fish them inconjunction with each other or not. The fish will always tell you if it is working or not. Some days i fish them close to the ball and tight (less than 10' of separation) with a similar spoon (larger, smaller, etc) and allow them to work together. Other days i run completely different spoons with a lot of separation (15-25') with the intentions of covering more water with the spread.
  20. 1/2 day trip this morning and the fishing report isnt much different then last weekend. Fished in tight (7-12 fow), without any luck, first thing this morning but the water has cleared right up. Trolled north and found a screen in 50- 75fow. We kept busy with Lakers and I heard of some other fish being caught in the mix (atlantic, coho, brown, steelie). 70-75 fow was the best and Flasher/ flies were the ticket (Green on white Spinnys and Smartfish loaded with green flies). 130' and 160' on the wire were hot and the 300' copper took 5 shots. Good size to most of the fish but nothing over 15#.
  21. This might help a little http://www.legacysportfishing.com/Fishing.aspx
  22. youll never use crimps again!
  23. http://www.lotsa.org/Wire%20Line%20Knot.htm Use this knot it works great. NO more crimps!
  24. Typically i run flasher/flies on my wire rods also but when the flasher/fly bite is non existent, I run spoons on the dipsey rods. Especially early in the season when the king bite hasnt turned on.
  25. Couldnt close the deal on opening morning on saturday, although i heard plenty of gobbling and saw plenty of birds including 1 real nice tom (that strutted for over 3 hours, 100 yards away). This morning the whole flock was in the woods roosted and at daylight 6 hens (including 1 bearded hen), 3 jakes, and 2 mature toms flew off the roost and into my field less than 80 yards away. After a couple hours of watching birds, one of the jakes came over to strut for my 2 hen decoys. Well that got the attention of one of the big toms, and in the process of scaring off the jake, he ended up well within gun range. 1" spurs and 9 1/2" beard. Great day and certainly one of the craziest mornings i have ever spent in the turkey woods, that ended in success.
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