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  1. Late report... Great Brown bite on Sunday in 60-70 fow. A mix of DW superslims along with a Stinger NBK put fish in the boat. Riggers, short coppers, 10 colors, wire divers
  2. Had a great time tournament fishing with the crew of Team Legacy this weekend. Hunter with his big King on big fish Friday landed him a sixth place and some cash. A seventh place finish on Saturday at the shootout against tough fishing and a 46 boat field!
  3. Kings may not want play but the Browns sure do. Decent Brown Trout bite at Sandy kept us busy this morning!
  4. Fishing continues to be nothing short of ridiculous. 50 plus fish with a mixed catch of Browns, Cohos, and Lakers equaled a day full of Chinese fire drills. Yesterday we straight line trolled from Hamlin beach to Cowsucker Creek from west to east and then east to west. We found lots of good water in tight (8-12 fow). Most of it stained (and to my surprise, not muddy) and all around mid 40s in temp. The big difference this week is the bait has shown up. Everything we caught seemed to be spitting up bait. Gobies, Niagaras, and alewives all found the deck of the boat. Inside the creek is also seeing its fair share of bait. Challenger sticks in goby and chart took their fair share of fish but DW spoons were king yesterday. Dreamweaver super slims off the riggers (65' and 55' down 7') and slide divers ( back 90', out 101') provided the majority of the action for us. DW ss caramel dolphin was the best bait to hit the water yesterday but yellow goby, glow orange slurpee, orange gangster, steelie cane, mixed veggie, and glow frog all took shots.
  5. you can buy the klincher kit directly from Moor (part # 88-088-032) http://www.moorelectronics.com/partsinfo/partsinfo.html heres a picture of it http://www.moorelectronics.com/partsinfo/88-088-032.JPG
  6. I sharpen everything before it hits the water. If i dont like it, i swap it out with a vmc.
  7. Ive been using dacron forever. Its does the job. pros= highly visible, Fairly inexpensive to purchase, tolerant to the sun. cons= absorbs water which leads to line sagging into the water, stretch, releases can have a tough time sliding down the line My plan is to switch my reels over to braid. The pros and cons are exactly the opposite of each other. cons= expensive, sun damage, not hi vis. pros= no stretch, releases slide with ease, does not absorb water.
  8. 5th place finish at the NYS Ice Fishing ProAm Sodus Bay event for myself and Capt Scott Bengsch (known this weekend as "Team Vanilla Ice"). On day one, our 12 fish box was missing our bonus pike but we sat in a decent position at 12th place overall. We decided on the morning of day 2, to roll the dice and it paid off for us. Our day 2 12 fish box was bigger then day 1 and we added to it with a bonus pike. Our day 2 box gave us a big jump in the overall standings as we walked away with the fifth place finish in the Pro division.
  9. 3 sets of Cannon rear mount dual rod holders never used, opened box, (can also be boom mounted or single rear mounted) $45 each
  10. On Lake Ontario, we are running meat at the first signs of Kings in spring. Anytime we are King fishing there is meat in the water.
  11. You are actually achieving much shallower depths then what your hoping for. Heres some great reading material. It will help answer some questions. Copper 2.0 & 2.5 GPS Depth Curve Dive Charts http://www.bloodruntackle.com/copper-2-0-gps-depth-curve-dive-charts/ More Copper Depth Data and Wire Diver Depth Numbers http://www.bloodruntackle.com/more-copper-depth-data-and-wire-diver-depth-numbers/
  12. For long coppers (300'+) I use 50# braid backing and for short coppers (250'-) i use Blood Run 30# copper backer. Im not a fan of segmenting your copper. Too many splices = trouble. As for your connections backing to copper and copper to leader... my first choice would be a Spro heavy swivel size #3 but an albright knot will also do.
  13. Check out Blood Run See Flee. We have had great results on Lake Ontario with it. It has a slick coating to deter fleas from collecting on the line. It also has a round shape, so it wont twist up like other flea lines. http://bloodruntackle.gostorego.com/shop/premium-monofilaments/sea-flee-fishing-line-mono-spiny-water-flea-300-yards.html
  14. 20# Blood Run tournament mono and 30# Blood Run Sea flee
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