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Fished solo, 4 for 5, 2 Kings, 1 coho and 1 steelhead.


1st king 7.78#, 6:00am, north troll, 2.3 sog, ball depth 36, ball temp 47.6, 79 fow with nbk uv sd and artic blast fly back 25.


2nd king 5#, 6:55am on 8C in 78fow, south troll, 2.4 sog with Happee Meal spoon mag


coho small 8:52am on jordo rigger slider in 237 fow


Steelhead 8.8#, 9:20am on 300 cu, 2.3 sog,

NW troll, ln 242 fow with Happee Meal mag


Beautiful day.IMG_20220818_092340.jpg


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  • littleboat changed the title to Holland am, 8-18

I really wanted to get out yesterday morning but just got back from MN the night before and had to cut the yard.  Nice box for fishing solo.  The SH is a nice fish.  Thanks for capturing all the data on your catches - nice system!  I see the hook ups were about an hour apart, kings in shallow, coho and SH out deeper.  Hope to get out a few times between today through Sunday.  Need to dig out a mag Happy Meal for the trip.

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The Happee Meal spoon has been a go to spoon for years with me. It's one of the best long lasting glowers I have used.

I fished an extra hour but I couldn't get that fifth fish to make my limit. I picked up my lines when the bite seemed to slow down and headed out to 250fow. I saw 2MD pass by me earlier. He had a great catch

Fishing 3 spoons or other setups is always tough but rewarding. I make it easy with my autopilot and electronic kicker motor control. The boat runs itself, I just fish and have a cup of coffee or bottle of water. I like the process as much as catching the fish itself.

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