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  1. John's Tuition

    Port Sheldon 8/12 AM

    Thank you for the report. Sorry to hear it wasn't better out there. We fished Saturday morning with similar results. Went 1-3 between 80 and 160 south of PS.
  2. Thanks for the report. I was hoping for better news but it sounds like it is still hit or miss out there.
  3. John's Tuition

    Holland 7am-12, 7-18

    Thank you for the great report, Ed! Much appreciated.
  4. What time of day did you guys start/finish? I'm assuming early but was the bite on right away?
  5. @Vanj85 Was there ever a resolution to the problem? Did @Mega Byte help you out?
  6. Weekdays are soo much nicer regardless of the outcome. :-)
  7. Nice report. I'll bet your friend had a blast! My wife is from Laos and I will never forget the day I brought home my first silver fish. She was so happy! Now-a-days, not so much ;-)
  8. John's Tuition

    Port Sheldon Buoy wave height?

    I used to go by the 1.3 rule for my boat. However, I learned to use the wave period as another factor. 1.2 can be pretty rough in a smaller boat with a short wave period (say under 3 seconds). Change that wave period to 5 or 6 seconds and now you have smooth sailing. Most likely the .7 you saw had a long wave period so the lake seemed flat but there were little rollers being picked up by the buoy. I watch that buoy closely and it seems pretty spot on all of the time. Also, keep in mind that what the wind/waves are doing at 80 FOW may be different than at the pier heads...
  9. John's Tuition

    Holland AM, 8-16-17

    Great report, Ed. I need to get a Fishhawk next year. I did good early morning running 1.9-2.1 SOG on a SW troll in 160 but as soon as the sun came up I struggled. I see based on your data that I should have been going a lot faster. I tried speeding up a couple times but was running a J-plug most of the morning so I didn't want to go too fast. Not knowing exactly where the temp breaks were, and not marking a lot of fish, I thought I had over-shot them. I ran in to 130 and was getting good marks but couldn't get much going. Scott
  10. John's Tuition

    Holland 7-18

    Crazy stuff. I had a solo AM trip on 7-17 (out of Holland) and was 4/11 with 8 hits coming on the same meat rig. Finished with 3 kings and one steel :-)
  11. John's Tuition

    Holland 6/21 AM

    Dr. Hook I, too started out in 80 FOW that morning and couldn't get anything to go. Same story - marking a lot of fish but couldn't trip their trigger. Worked out deeper and saw nice marks between 110-135, but was going 3.0 SOG and they weren't having it. I heard your report on the radio that you picked up Chrome at 2.5-2.7 in 112 and I backed down the speed and started working N/S because of the onshore current. Immediately, I had 2 rips on a caramel dolphin slider on a rigger that was 80 foot down. I threw down anything else that I had close to that color on 150 coppers flanking my boat and was able to boat a 6# and 8# steelie within 30 minutes of each other. Needless to say your report that day helped me out a lot. Thanks! I would have thanked you on the water, but my antennae has a very weak broadcast range.