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  1. Nice. It was bouncy out there on the lil tin can. We managed to pull 1 small steelie at 130fow on a diver but no other actions for us. Win some lose some
  2. I Thx for the inputs. I think you were just south of me then. Took my sister along she likes going out and it was cool she got to see bigger ones run. God bless her, she's kinda worthless as a fisherperson but generally a good luck charm so I put up with it . She just won't do the net thing. Obviously I am fully capable of screwing it up. Safe trolls to you.
  3. Action fun may have seen you on the way in it got kinda sparse later. Did you see the ghost gravel freighter appear from nowhere in the haze?
  4. You got me by 18 inches and a big net. Who's the showoff now Take care
  5. That's so awsome many good memories of fishing with my grampa and dad. He sold his SS235 early 90's when the fishery started to dump and no one wanted to go anymore...I think that's about right man time flies. Loved that boat and the times with dad. Can only imagine how much fun he would have again. Almost bittersweet when mom see's the days catch. She is TOTALLY addicted to fresh big pond smoked salmon tho.... Great story/memory.
  6. Beautiful night decided for a late start since I don't get to stay out past sunset too often. Fished 7 to 11 started out 200fow. Set a new record for the boat around 8:15 with the 1st fat male down 90 on the rigger 20 back on the raspberry carbon. Don't have a scale but the calculater and 35 yrs tells me this is about a 30#er. Waiting on my big net yet (more later) so I had to hand land this one for the finish. Almost a double! - just after landing the biggin second hit 200fow 80 down 20 back on a carbon 14. I was resetting the other rigger, and had a small cluster as this hit took the line into the trailing lure and I had to untangle at the worst time. Little smaller than the 1st one but lost it off the boat trying the too dang small net again and that initial tangle gave the edge to the fish I'm sure. 9:15 150fow got a small 3# silver on a 10 color off planer board with double trouble. 10:30 140fow had a good smack on 10 color off planer board with red flounder but dropped it. All my rods/sets saw some action tonight. My 35yo cumings 25x28 non extender is just not up to size large. I also fish solo quite often so that's always fun. Ranger 28x30 telescoper should be here today lol.
  7. Fished 5-9:30 190-135FOW pretty decent conditions altho a lot of adjustments for current and wind with the trolling direction for me 1 for 2 both nice chunky kings - lost the 1st one right back of the boat just about to net on a final salute u headshake... prolly horsed in a little to green oops Both on the rigger 170 fow 90 down 20 back raspberry carbon (1st) / 135 fow 80 down 20 back raspberry carbon (2nd) and they seemed angry Quite a few boats out with some action out 200-210 as well according to the chatter
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