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LEGENDARY pre-sunrise bite off Holland 8/17/2022

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Left the dock at 4.45am in Lake Mac

Setting lines in 80fow trolling north at 5.10am and the half-core immediately goes off (moonshine happy meal) – 10# king

Over the next hour we could not get lines in hardly

Half-core went again and that time a 22# hen

Copper 200 with moonshine magnum spoon went 3 times – got em all – approx. 10# kings

High dipsey got smoked at with blue & chrome spindoctor and blue fly a 20.5# hen

At 6.40am which was still 15min before sunrise we were 6 for 6 and pretty happy about things.

The is the best early fishing in the dark bite I have encountered (usually they don’t turn on until about 15min before sunrise?)

We fished through sunrise and then a little more.

Copper 200 went off two more times – got one and missed one

Rigger took one 54 down with dancing anchovy spoon

15color went off moonshine mag spoon – about a 14# coho

Ended up 9 for 10

…with a bite like this may have to try again tomorrow morning but this time I will leave the dock at 4.15am :)

buddy of mine caught a nice big chinook in 15fow off Saugatuck this AM

heard rumblings about them slaughtering them in the mud off GH

hard to know what to do exactly with these colder water temps but we are thankful for how it went today












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Thanks for this report.  I got a campsite at the state park and will be launching maybe 4:30 am.  Can only fish until 7:30/8 so crossing my fingers.  Going to be a solo trip so we'll see how I do on the net!

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Sorry.  Radio not working.  Went 2-2 right before sunrise.  Both about 5 lbs kings.  In 90 fow.  Nothing after that and I have to head in and go to work.  I'll try again another morning!

Was a beautiful morning on the water.

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Posted above.  Got a later start launching at 5:30.  Didn't do great but got a couple, but I fished 6 am to 8 am only and then had to head in for work.

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Went out of Muskegon. Not many boats. Started in 120 fow and went NE till 85 and wasn’t marking much. Picked up and pounded out to 200 and trolled back in to 160. Only picked up a steelhead at 8:30 and pulled lines by 9:30.
I couldn’t sleep last night so excited in hopes of slamming them in your 80-100 fow vs the 160-220 that we have been fishing. O well. Nice job on your three days of trips

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