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Entering Lake MI, we counted 35 boats trolling inside of 50 fow directly in front of the channel. Looked like a slow moving dance floor. Decided not to dance and motored north 2 or 3 miles miles. Set up in 48 fow and headed NW. Took first hit in 85 fow.


Spent most of the morning working 85 - 110 fow. Here's what worked:


100 Cu. 85 fow steelhead UV orange moonshine

200 Cu. 85 fow king. NBK

105 fow miss NBK

127 fow miss NBK

250 Cu. 105 fow miss Blue Founder Pounder

300 Cu. 95 for king. Green Flounder Pounder

High slide diver, 3 setting, out 150 NBK, king in 105 fow

High slide diver, 3 setting, out 160 blue flounder pounder, laker in 127 fow

Rigger 95 fow, SWR with a NBK spoon, ball @ 40, bait @ 50. king


Speed at the ball was 2.5 - 3. All trolling directions took hits. Much of the time we were 5 - 6 miles north of Grand Haven.


After NBK produced early, I put more out and they delivered. Ran a blue spin doc and fly, no hits. Kevin's girlfriend meat rig, no hits. Big white paddle and fly on a rigger, no hits. Mixed veggie, no hits.





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Hmmmm crazy fish; in St Joe mags worked better. Maybe smaller alewives in GR.

All of our fish out of Holland were on Mag spoons ,As I also was getting them in st Joe on Mags, 1 on blue glow fly, behind blue bubble spin Doctor no love for meat with and without Spin Doctor!

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