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Looking for information to find a Lake Michigan Charter in Early June

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Four hours can get you well north of Muskegon depending on traffic, and west Michigan is truly a beautiful place.

But fishing in early June in these parts is a crap shoot at best.

I'd head somewhere between the IL /WI border and Milwaukee in that time frame.  The fish migrate around the lake in somewhat predictable patterns and that should put you in the middle of it.

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Crap, early May.  Please come to West Michigan.  Last May was stupid for kings, and if not, there's other fish to catch.

St. Joe and Saugatuck have extensive charter fleets, but any of the ports you listed will work.  I would pick a port then ask for recommendations.

Holland has their Tulip Time festival the first full week of May and fills up with 100k tourists.  All of whom locate themselves between my house and the lake.  It becomes a mess to get through town.

One thing to note, it's pretty standard that the charter cleans your fish and you take them with.  I'd make that a point to discuss before booking, so it doesn't get weird after the trip.

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Check out www.charterfish.org for a list of Indiana's North Coast Charter Association captains.  Great fishing in June for salmon, lakers, steelhead.  Or go north to Waukegan or Winthrop Harbor. Good fishing there, as well.  No need to go any farther from the Chicago area.  

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