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  1. i break mine down but u have to be careful not to kink the wire. i flip the top upside down, reel slack out and use a cord wrap to keep the top and bottom together
  2. kewaunee and algoma will be good by then ill be in kewaunee may 29th
  3. i'm looking to install a conversion kit on my 1975 302. no idea what i'm looking for so any information would be greatly appreciated. do i want a kit with a distributor or will a point replacement kit be just as good? where can i locate these kits online? again thanks in advance for any feedback
  4. winthrop harbor not sure when they start fishing but a bunch of northern charters head down there for the spring coho check into tiger charters or kinns catch
  5. i bled all my fish at time of catching them this year, i.e. sliced their gills. it made a world of difference in how much better they tasted and much less messy to fillet
  6. my 24' 302 came with one and i really like it i can get down under 2.0 if needed. my plate broke off last year and fishing without it sucked couldnt get under 3.0 i did have a bag i used rest of the morning but i was in 4 footers which deemed my sport pilot worthless like that. bought a new unit for like $125 i think and that afternoon was back in business
  7. i ordered it online cant remember the exact site. just google rubber flooring n u should find it.make sure u check a few places though because i remember 1 was cheaper but charged outrageous shipping, were as 1 was a little more but free shipping making total cost a lot cheaper. its actually industrial flooring. if u cant find it let me know and ill try to find the site
  8. i used the rubberized paint but after i was done figured it would be a pain to keep clean.so i bought some rubber floor mat, comes in 4' rolls as long as you want. i went with 1/4 " to keep the weight down. i used 2 rolls and put a piece of carpet tape under the middle to hold them together. looks awesome, cleans easy, and provides comfort for standing on. plus it has good traction. i put it in 4 years ago and it still as good as when i put it in
  9. looking at replacing my lower and upper unit on my 1975 24' regal. found one online at gomarine for $1295. two questions i have are 1 does anyone have knowledge of them and their products? says 3 year warranty seems legit to me. 2nd they offer 4 different gear ratios. do i need to find out what mine is and stick with that or can i use any of them. if any of them which would be best. i believe some gotta be better for trolling and others for top end but im not sure which is which. is their a happy medium? any knowledge would be appreciated as all i know for sure is my lower unit is cracked and the jb weld aint gonna hold forever lol. thanks in advance
  10. that is correct. fish early n late. during the day try to find cold water deep
  11. i realize there are lots of variables here but i'm wondering what the difference is between my 24' regal with one 302 versus a 30' with 2 motors.I'm pretty sure i learned on here rule of thumb for my boat was going to be 2 gallons per hour n that held true.so I'm thinking about moving up in size to a 27'-30' boat with a hardtop,don't want outboards, just wondering what to expect at the gas pump. also any other thoughts to consider while shopping will be appreciated. what iv'e learned so far from my 1st boat is i want a hard top and hydraulic steering.
  12. hook your dipsey on your rod then run snubber n floro to bottom of reel 4 length flasher to fly i run 8" flasher with 24" floro to fly thats bottom of hook to tip of loop remember flasher speeds are typically slower i run 2.4-2.7 put a moonshine bloody nose spoon on your other rod it will get bit at that speed too
  13. you should be out an hour earlier water was piss warm when you were out shallow bite only lasted maybe 40 min before i set out to 240 fow were the cold water was. your diagram says mono leader if thats true get some 30 lb florocarbon. white crush glow flasher with a little boy blue glow fly, its killed more salmon for me in kewaunee past three years than any other rod. i will be in kewaunee again thursday through saturday channel 6 "the catchin machine" always willing to help.
  14. i would suggest adjusting speed like mentioned above, also keep in mind trolling angle can also be key. if you can afford couple more dipsey rods i like to run 2 out both sides so i can cover more depths with them. this year my inside dipseys have been real good both set on 1.5 0ne out 175 other 135 out i always run white flasher crush glow tape with little boy blue fly on the 175. ill be in kewaunee whole week of kd tournament if you happen to be around
  15. good job nice pictures. fish are nice this year, i was in kewaunee n we got 24 with 5 being 18 to 21 lbs
  16. looking at transom surface mounted lights but i have zero knowledge on them except they look real cool. what makes the good ones good and where should i be shopping for them online? do they make netting fish in the dark a lot easier like i think? what should i expect to pay for a good set? thanks in advance for any info
  17. just wondering what prefered speed for plugs is? slower faster or same as basic spread?
  18. 24' regal with 302 cost me about $60 to run 4 miles troll for 8 hrs and run back in but usually fish three guys so $20 per guy not bad considering the comfort we get
  19. i know calumet has them but they appear to be out of them. looking for a case if anyone knows a place or will u be getting them back in stock at calumet. got three weeks before i need them. as always all your help is appreciated
  20. i personally have been found inadmisable and have also made it through its definitely a gamble. long drive for nothing when u get turned down. that being said u can take steps as mentioned to clear it up. one dwi not to hard to get cleaned up last i heard i believe it was $200 non refundable fee to apply for pardon from canada
  21. hey got ur message while back sorry for delayed response. i fish out of kewaunee n have fished algoma quite a bit but never sturgeon bay. from what ive heard theres a ledge out there that holds good numbers of fish but gets jam packed with boats.

  22. still fishin? wish i was as last couple trips were pretty good other than the 5fters beatin us up. time to make money for winter or ill be starvin. gave my boat to tom for winter he's putting a transom in. how early do you usually start fishing in begining of year? thanks again for all your advice this year, was all very helpful. thinking next year i got pretty good chance of doing well.

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