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Holland 4-12-17 PM N II Deep Shake-Down

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Holland 4-12-17 PM N II Deep Shake-Down

Great night out for a shakedown trip.

Alex and Jim Bobber tagged along for the 1st trip of the year, thanks guys

left dock about 5:45  back at pier head by sunset.

We ran straight out of Holland and sat down in 198 just inside a few other boats and headed W - SW SOG 2.6 - 2.8

Hot rod of the night 7 color with a Silver Streak Mini copper back Orange White  (will post pic later of spoons)

Went 3 times 2- coho 1-long skinny Steelhead.

3 color went once similar spoon

150 copper went once  another orange / copper back spoon

riggers never went,  did not run any divers.

Boat ran as it should, nice and smooth.





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