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Favorite baits / setups

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Just wondering if some of you would be willing to share you "money" setups for this time of year. These are the go to setups you are confident will produce fish. If there is one or two setups that you just have to have in the water in August, what would they be? (Pictures would be great if you have them.)

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Ace Hi plugs in Green Lightning, green and blue spatter back, dbl glow, yellow tail, lucky charms, and pearl/glow dots are all consistent from year to year.

11" pearl fish scale paddle with UV Oceana fly in the bottom third of the water column on the deepest rigger. Switch the fly over to a UV Frosted Fern with green and yellow beads in high sun.

Our best spin doctor the last three weeks has been the 8" chrome frog/fat Nancy with a pickled sunshine fly.

Mag flounder pounder and Happee Meal spoons in the dark or low light

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18 hours ago, Salmon_slammin said:

Magnum flounder pounder 300 Cu

magnum yellow submarine 200 Cu 

always seem to produce when fishing mornings.

It turns out I have both of those.  Looks like I need to get them into the water more often!

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well I can't be specific on the f/f only cause lots work, not that I dont want to. That said yes this must be more of a setup than just bait answer. My favorite thing to do is put a ff on a rigger, then run a small plug on another rigger, right about the same depth, maybe a bit less and yes about the same back-- no tail gunner!! Best has been small grizzly or Lyman plug in green, no matter what the ff.

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1 hour ago, FBD said:

Find where the cold water meets the bottom and beat the bottom 10' to death then raise lures into warmer water as it gets dark.  Presentation doesn't seem to matter as much as location.

I have seen that before where it is warm all the way down to the bottom 10' or so.  Often it's this time of year after a west wind blows all the warm water to this side of the lake.  Last weekend in Pentwater we had 42 - 44 degree water 50 feet down in 90 to 150 fow.  So we didn't run into that scenario last weekend.  Hopefully I can get out in the morning.  I'll look for that.  Thanks.

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