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Fished 8-2pm, 2 for 3, steelie n coho.

Worked usual 80-95 fow.

Around 1030 got steelie in 95 fow south uphill troll on SB dipsey on 3 out 165ft on 8" white Hoochie Mama w/green fly.

0-1s and dead calm and hot, hot, hot as predicted. Put bimini up around 11. Was working west, downhill, out to 100 fow and guy on radio was going in and said he was 6 for 7 in 115-130fow, straight out from pierheads w/lines down 30-90'. So we headed north n deeper. On our way out to 150 had rip on SB dipsey on 3 out 165 on Capt John King Super Silver Bullet flasher n matching meat rig. But no one home.

When pulling lines at 2 working back in and in 125fow started to reel in 300' 30# copper and coho hit it before I could even get the board off, hit Carmel Dolphin.

Of about a dozen boats out there and didn't see many nets in water in 80-95fow.

About 18 perchers fishing rock pile south of piers, I.e. about a mile south, 1/2 mile out, two boats we talked to on way in had 4 and 5 perch, other had 22. That was fishin about same time we were.

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We went 7-9 this am. Had 8 lines in the water and took hits on all but the 6 color. Was also my oldest 1st chance to put a fish in the boat, and she went 2-3.post-6719-14498788234894_thumb.jpg

Braid dipsy on 3 out 150 took 2, blue/white paddle blue fly.

250 copper Carmel dolphin also took 2

DR down 115 wonder bread took dink laker

Dr down 100ish green/yellow spoon took 18lb king

10 color orange/green ladder back took rip, no one home after pulled from holder.

5 color orange holographic took hit on nice fish lost at back of boat.

Braid diver on 2 out 100 chrome paddle orange spoon took another big king.



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