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  1. SoHa 6/16

    We lost a real nice king on yellow killer spoon on rigger down 60 when he decided to swim past us on the starboard side. Had a green killer slider that went away too. Think i saw him laughing!
  2. SoHa 6/16

    Sorry about your luck Dan. We were fishing the same water as you and managed to go 11/19 with 3 guys on board. The three magic factors were 40-60ft deep in 125-150ft of water, an east or west troll, and 2.0 down at the ball. It didn't seem to matter what color you put out there as long as it was betwixt 40-60ft down. I had 2 downriggers, 2 braid dipsys, and 5 long lines anywhere from 5 color to 225 copper. And yes, all my hooks were sharp!
  3. PS 5/30 AM

    I hate to ask, but what does the "Hello Darling" look like?
  4. St joe 4/29

    The bouy is wet in south haven! http://greatlakesbuoys.org/station_page.php?station=45168 Cook as well http://greatlakesbuoys.org/station_page.php?station=45026
  5. Use the shakedown cruise this morning and was able to go 3-5. Fished 40-50 ft of water. Didn't mark many fish but was able to get 3 lakers into the boat. 2 fish came off spinnies on the bottom, third came from 5 color with mixed veggies spoon. Misses also came from spinny on the bottom. Lake was beautiful!
  6. South Haven 9/3 PM

    How deep were you running? Notice any temp breaks out there?
  7. Agree with some the other gents on here. Might be cheaper to start with some copper or lead lines and planer boards. Makes for a nice spread too. I have 4 riggers on my boat and rarely use the 3rd and have never run 4. Most bites are coming from the heavy lines and dipsys, but the rigger does get the big ones!
  8. Spiny fleas were not an issue!
  9. We were out betwixt 115-135 with 120ish being most productive. Marking lots of fish out there. Felt like fishing could have been better. Tried a few different presentations.
  10. We went 7-9 this am. Had 8 lines in the water and took hits on all but the 6 color. Was also my oldest 1st chance to put a fish in the boat, and she went 2-3. Braid dipsy on 3 out 150 took 2, blue/white paddle blue fly. 250 copper Carmel dolphin also took 2 DR down 115 wonder bread took dink laker Dr down 100ish green/yellow spoon took 18lb king 10 color orange/green ladder back took rip, no one home after pulled from holder. 5 color orange holographic took hit on nice fish lost at back of boat. Braid diver on 2 out 100 chrome paddle orange spoon took another big king.