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  1. Thanks; very nice. Look forward to season 6. My DVR is still all set to record. When is first episode on Pursuit Channel?
  2. I use them for my riggers, great rods, no problems; don't think they are stiff enough for dipsey use.
  3. If you need a mate this fall/winter give me a call or text; can go during week or week-ends. Dan cell 517-750-7452
  4. If I find a reel nice day may try S Haven 150-200+. Even though I'm retired from full time electrical engineering still working part time in fall/winter and maintaining my Professional Eng license in Michigan; and now Mich requires you take 30 hours of classes to keep it intact. So I right now I'm only half way through an online class so it will be tight to finish end of the month. But can prob squeeze in one more fishing day in. Otherwise, its winterize and take her for winter rest in inside cold storage n Sand Creek farm barn south of Adrian.
  5. Is fish cleaning station at S Haven launch still open? Also, what about rest rooms? I know in morning you had to have code to get into restrooms. Which is BS. If you buy season pass they give you code number but if daily fee you don't. Season guy gave it to us; think it was 1051 but not sure.
  6. Yeah Fishjay, on way over I was concerned about waves; when we left Cooke buoy had 4.6' and S Haven was 3.2; checked before we were to make turn onto 131 and Cooke had come down to 4.2; so since it was on way down we decided St Joe. at 95FOW it was little rougher than in closer but very fishable. For what it is worth, DNR creel guy at launch said this time of year go to 150-200' and you will kill them. Not so sure about that.
  7. Well, finished the season with another skunk; fished pier heads out to 95FOW; one trip on rigger but could have been fatigued rubber band; started out good 3-5s but in few hours was down to 2-3s. Wanted to try new Triailmaster bunk boat trailer I got week before in Indiana. Great tandem axle trailer; forgot that bunk trailers have to go into water a little deeper than roller ones. Only one other boat out and he packed it in around 10am.
  8. Thought this year was worse than last which was not very good; out of 15 trips or so we got skunked 3 times; kings down south in St Joe and S Haven were almost non-existent; did get 10 kings in Manistee in late August though; caught 17 kings of which only 3 had clipped fins, i.e. planted. Many a day laker or steelhead got the black n white kitty out of the box. Sad.
  9. Sometimes if the fish are spooky that day we'll run naked meat rig without a flasher, especially on copper and/or lead core.
  10. I use Capt John King's 10 " & 12" flashers ahead of my meat rigs.
  11. Joel That makes sense, running with oil all the time to me means big trouble, it's a fuel, not a lubricant. I run it in my gas tank all season and put two cans in my tank for winter. Like someone above said try some ethanol free gas, too.
  12. Ooooppppsss. Allen I guess I'm too late. Not only should you worry about length but diameter. When fishing deep, say past 90' or so you need to minimize rigger sway back. I use 12lb balls all the time n when I bought my Canon 10 riggers I replaced the cable with .024" diam, 7strand SS wire rope from Mc Master Carr. Think it is only about 7 cents a foot. I think I have 250' on each. Also, to further reduce swayback we use braided line on the riggers with a 40-50' mono leader. I use Cortland Spectron Blackspot 35# braid. I use this same braid on my dipseys. My two cents worth.
  13. Never got skunk out, fished 60-110Fow, spoons, meat, J plugs, flashers n flys, spin n glo/dodger for lakers. Had one release on chrone/blue/purple J plug 49' down on rigger but no one home. Beautiful day on the lake, 2-4s ended up 0-1s.
  14. FBD: Good try on stranded boat. 2012 we were fishing off shelf in Manistee n boat near us had engine problrms. Was only 930 am and we had a few in the box and didn't want to paull lines but you have to think what if that was you. Towed them back to city laucnh and continued fishing. Lord rewarded us with 14 kings that day. Believe its a federal law thatvyou r supposed help those in distress, if not, its just good sportmanship. A few yrs ago in Oct I was 10 miles out and limped in on partially worn water pump impeller. Coasties gave our coordinates but of about a dozen boats in the area no one helped us. Right after that I bought BoatUs unlimited towing on the Great Lakes. Can't believe some of these caotains.
  15. True Gritt: you were out 90-120, u were how far north or south of pierheads or straight out. Thanks
  16. Is that a city launch? Find out whose launch it is and call them. If light was flickering could be bad lamp or ballast (transformer) that drives the lamp. Did night fish using Benton Harbor DNR launch last yr. No lights at launch or parking lot. Our tax dollars at work. This spring they now have new LED fixtures at the launch.
  17. True Grit great job; we fished same area yesterday morning only one in the boat. How many rods and where were you fishing; straight out, north, south? Thks, See below: Just a short report today, 1 for 4 if you count 3 releases of meat rigs on the riggers. Worked 80-150fow straight out and to about 5 miles north. In 142 fow trolling downhill, north, nice 13lb king hit the port dipsey on 3 out only 138', white Hoochie Mama w/green fly. Capt John King Black mamba w/meat rig twice and Green Mamba w/meat rig once tripped w/no one home. These were short hits because had dual rubber bands on. Set lines around 8 n fished until 2, nice lazy 1-3s ended up w/nice somewhat choppy 1-3s. Got my teacher mate out finally before he heads back to school in a few weeks. Had big problem with boat trailer, remembered that I forgot to turn off batteries, so we stopped in Bangor. Both wheels were smoking due to locked surge brakes. As luck would have it, Lord watching over us, Bangor Fire Dept pickup truck was right behind us. We drove to their station a few blocks away, they jacked up my trailer n I adjusted the brakes to loosen everything. Since grease got hot and I wanted to add some, they went next door to a mechanic n found me a grease gun. Great guys that I will thank with a personal letter. Looks like possibly the surge head up front may have stuck. Not sure what happened but will check all out tomorrow. Drove home doing 55 w/my flashers on for safety. "Hockey Puck" ON THE REEL WOMAN Agnello
  18. yep after big blow last night, tough fishing tomorrow. Just checked SHaven n Cook Buoy temps on themisters n bottom n top r very close. Hope today it sets up a little. Got to go when waves r good n mates can go.
  19. Sparky, I would have called tournament control and reported that pro boat for unsportsmanlike fishing or boating or whatever. You get those type of captain s whether tourny or not.They think they own the lake. In S Haven two weeks ago had to holler at boat trolling toward us that nobody was home at the wheel or not paying attention. A few yrs ago in Manistee same as you, guy was hell bent on his course and cut off my dipsey. Doing S Haven tomorrow n pill post a report.
  20. True Grit, thanks for both reports. Plan on being out there Tuesday morning. Will post a report as usual. Wife n I went decided to leave Jackson and head to south beach at S Haven today. Had to stop at Hockey Services in Kazoo anyway to order jerseys for our men's hockey team anyway so good excuse to go to the beach. When we were walking back to car around 530 night fishetmen were heading out. Looked like nice 1-2s by then.
  21. Many of u reporting here r from or fish Holland area, good luck to those doing the tourney this week end
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