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WOW , if you love lake trout fishing ,its time. I left the dock Friday morning around 7:15 with my buddy Jeff and Don and headed a little south to look for a few browns on the beach with no luck, we fished from the water plant to the power plant. We ended that line with 9 shaker kings all released. Turned north west and hit 20 fow and it was lake trout city till we quit in 70 fow just south of the piers with 9 lakers and a 2 lb king in the box.

The game plan for Saturdays W.M.F.L. event was to run north to Miami park and set in on the beach and troll north looking for browns. We trolled north till around 9:30 and ended about 2ish miles south of pier cove with 3 browns and 4 shakers kings in the box and 7 lake trout released, but not a laker over 10 lbs.. We made the gamble to run back south and fish hard for a laker to upgrade one of the smaller kings, meaning it had to be better than 10.7 lbs. because of the points system this yr. Well we ended up with 11 more lakers and none over 9.9 lbs., but what a great time ending the morning 25 for 27 and a third place finish..:thumb:

So here is the pics of what worked and Fridays catch.


  1. Gold Water Melon
  2. Dolphin Chicken Wing
  3. Iced Tea
  4. Copper Vegies
  5. Grape Jelly
  6. Hot Chicken Wing

These were all Silver Streak Minis

The bottom 4 all took Lake Trout on the beach.


  1. Green Dolphin Silver Streak
  2. Super Screw Silver Streak
  3. Number 4 Cut Throat J Plug

Yes that's a J-plug, we tried every thing to try and get a bigger fish and all we got were 8-9 lb lakers.



And Fridays catch.

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