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First trip this year LOL

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Most likely last trip as well as boat is headed for storage soon. Finally got the boat running again so went fishing yesterday. Fished out of Muskegon left the dock around 3:30pm ran out to 170 and set lines. We were 3 for 4 in first hour with a small Coho a medium king and a decent Steelhead. So a nice start then we went over a hour with no hits. Then took another Steelhead on the 115. With sunset approaching we pulled and setup our sunset plan. I set our course back to where we would be out front again at dark and as the sun set we went 2 for 4 with one breaking off my 150 copper. I have no idea what hit the 150 but it nearly spooled it in the rod holder, twice I set it back in a rod holder to help Steve and net fish as it was just the 2 of us. So while I battled with the 150 Steve got one on the 115 and another on the port rigger. Then he lost one on the starboard rigger that got into my 150 and broke me off. Whatever was on the 150 was big I mean real big I fought it for nearly 45 min and managed to get the board within a 100ft of the boat twice before it ran back off. I should of slowed the boat down but we were catching fish so my plan was to drag it til we got the fish in from the starboard rigger until it fouled me and broke it off. 6 for 9 first trip out in my boat if nothing else makes a good way to end the season.

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