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  1. The J was either light green or silver...I didn't set the gear.
  2. That one was I think 20-22 down, 25 behind the ball. Depth counter spring came off last night on that rigger.
  3. That was actually caught right near the Silversides on our way in for the night. First fish I've ever taken truly in the channel.
  4. Fished 2.5 hours, through the channel out to 55 FOW. The water is in the 40s on top, and the run is on. Went 1 for 2 tonight, not counting what I assume was a huge catfish that hit our shallow rigger. About snapped the rod trying to lift it, and it wouldn't budge. Finally just let go of our plug. Marked a ton of fish. Three schools came through while we were out. They're coming hard and fast.
  5. Out just before sunrise, until 10AM. Rough ride compared to the wave forecast... Ended up going 2 for 3 (last one fouled on downrigger cable as it tried to commit suicide on my outboard...dove right at the prop) with one Coho 6#, one King 16#. All were taken in 55' of water, 30-45 down, two Coho hit on a green ladderback JPlug, one King on a green glow scaly JPlug. No hits on spoons or flies.
  6. Fished from 6 to 10AM, from 65 to 100' of water. One for one, 12# Steelhead. 70' down in 75', southeast troll, orange and white Silver Streak spoon, 2.2mph per GPS.
  7. Nice work. We got nothing out of Muskegon in the morning.
  8. That is what I'm planning. Found some 4" snubbers...I'll try it next week. Weather is supposed to cool down next weekend. Should be game time!
  9. Yep...I'm seeing a trip to Armstrong's in my future today to buy a couple short snubbers to try it.
  10. Rigger cable to ball. I am intrigued by the idea of one ball to release cable, though. Sounds like it could prevent false releases, and allow tighter pull tension on the rods for a better hook set.
  11. Like the idea of using snubbers on the release at the ball. I'll have to try that. As for snubbers for the downrigger ball, use the Dreamweaver. So much nicer to handle at the boat.
  12. Congrats. Nice work! Makes me regret I am putting the boat up already...but, need to make some improvements. Better for next year!
  13. Started out at 4PM in the Big lake in 50 FOW. Not marking much, heard of some take at 60 FOW on spoons. (This time of year...spoons?) Noted boats in closer, decided to have a look around (we were playing with new flashers and such). Noted a couple fish on, decided to go Old School. Hoochies on Dipsys, glow spoons on riggers. It was Combat Fishing Central in the breakwater arms and just outside them. Building seas. Hooked one on a Dipsy at dusk, but it got in the rocks by the North arm and broke off. Almost immediately after, One of the riggers went off. 21# King. Made a couple more loops with nothing- decided to recharge the glows and re-scent, pull the other Dipsy. Dropped one rigger, was in the process of dropping the other (about 6 feet down) when the other rigger went off. Again with the spoons. Ended up being a decent size channel cat, and while sitting there thinking "Really- another catfish on a rigger?", the other rigger took off. Hadn't even taken the slack out of the line! Only about 6 feet down! Handed the rod with the cat to my brother as it wasn't in the boat yet (the cat hit so hard it pulled the treble through the top of it's head). Pulled him in the boat with the line and landed a 17# King. Made another pass, trolled through the channel. Called it a night. Everyone out there was very conscious of people with fish on (saw a lot taken) and very gracious. Even the sailboaters were well behaved, and cheering! Made for a great end of the season for us. Gonna try some shore fishing and Whitefish when they come in... Here's a tip for scent (as the new Baitmate bottles are horrible...). Get one of those Misto olive oil sprayers (10 bucks at your local supermarket). Works fantastic! Good fishing guys! See ya here next year! Fish on!
  14. Few and far between. No problem with someone being respectful. Extremely rare among sailboats...
  15. My all time favorite sailboat antic is where they have sail up AND motor on... If only there was a legit way to arm my craft with torpedoes... Good Fishing, Guys!
  16. Mind you, I realize the rules are "gray". My boat trolling is probably more maneuverable than their sailboat...and I am not a "commercial" vessel...but damn. Try to be a good person, and not come straight up my arse and interfere with my fishing...?
  17. Sailboats.....GRRRR. Most seem to think they have right of way even when under power and no sails.... Half tempted to do a Hillstrand (ala Deadliest Catch) and bring "Throwin' Eggs"...
  18. Kept watching the NOAA Channel Cams today while stuck at work But, ya gotta pay for the fun! Anybody doing anything out there?
  19. Saw one taken inside the breakwater arms, one in the channel, and 2 by the Sand Docks on our way in. Lots of people jigging, and I heard of some Lakers being caught. This was around 10AM.
  20. 2 for 2 this morning: 18# and 23#. Started at 5AM, no fish until 7AM apx. Both were caught on a mono Dipsy with a green glow Echip flasher and green glow squid. 50 FOW, 100' back, 1.7 - 2.1 MPH by GPS. first fish about 7AM, second about 8AM. Also almost boated some kind of huge carved(?) log that we snagged on the same dipsy. Strange, knobby looking thing. It got off at the side of the boat. Fortunately, it did not break off the gear Would like to have landed it to see what it was and save others the hassle. That occurred just before entering the breakwater arms. 20# mono is tough stuff
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