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Deer Hunters


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I missed the biggest buck of my life! Musta knocked the scope outta kilter, it was 7 inches off at 100 yds. :(:mad:

But I did harvest a couple of baldys. (Bow and rifle). Never saw another shooter buck within 400 yds the rest of the season after daylight.

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I bought a new house back in July and it’s located out in the sticks. I saw 9 different bucks last season on my new property and never was able to get a shot at any of the big guys.

(1) 10 point

(3) 8 points, one only had 3 legs

(1) 7 point

(1) 6 point

(1) fork horn, he had to have about a 14†spread, I thought he was a spike the first time that I saw him because he only had 1†tines about 2†down from the end of him main beams.

(2) Spike


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If anyone cares to show my husband how to deer hunt (ok he knows, just not professive about it)....I would LOVE some venison!


You have to pry him out of the boat first before he can kill a deer LOL. If Jimmy spent as much time in the woods as he spends in the boat you would have a freezer full of venison.

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Just thought I share one more thing. Here is my daughter Cazzie with her nice six point she happen to shot with her muzzloader in 2004. After she shot that I walked up to her where she was sitting and reloader her gun again. Well while walking back to my blind she happen to shot again. That time she shot a doe. Man did I have some work to do that day.


My Daughter Cazzies deer kills.

age 12-21

Spike- Bow Kill

Doe- 410 single shot

9 point- Bow Kill

Doe- 410 single shot

Spike- 410 single shot

Doe- 20ga.pump

6 point- muzzleloader

Doe- muzzleloader

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Yup, believe it or not......

Coming back from vacation up in Oscoda.

This doe ran out jumped and I guess she thought she'd clear the truck....

Which she did....lol

Guess she didn't see my Trophy behind the truck......lol

Didn't clear that.....

Front end was mangled bad, f-glass, rails, hatch glass, hard-top, to the tune $5K.

Nothing left of the Doe after she slid through-up & over doing flip flops in mid air....

Made sure I got a police report, cause even my Ins agent laughed when I told him.... The police dispatcher laughed at the sheriff when he requestd an incident report # for a boat hitting a deer....lol

Did get my nephew out to get himself a nice buck.

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