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  1. I babysit a Data Center in Southfield, MI. (server farm) I've been in the Telecom/Data industry for just over 20 years now.
  2. I do yes..... And utilize the broken down sections (good idea by the way) to add additional info.... As with anything, the more information and data you have, a more skilled assesment can be made....... Now as some of the other members here are already aware, there are those sites out there that you cannot really put any amount of faith in.... We all know who they are, we need not point fingers..... Keep em Coming Mike..... We may not tell you all the time, but we DO appreciate the hard work and effort that you put into this web site project.....
  3. Speaking only for myself.... They go the same place they go when I'm in the woods, or walking down a street.... The fire gets knocked off and what's left goes into my pocket..... Yes, I do have buldgy pockets when I come in off the water, and back from the woods..... And part of me needs to agree with you also..... Nothing says "Damn !" to me more than to be trolling by an emptied ashtray floating on the water, or bouncing down a babbling brook.... I have no issues with any building that does not allow smoking.... But please don't tell me I can't go outside..... Nor am I asking for additional time to go outside to supply that craving....... But IMO the bleeding heart lib's will only continue to push until they push each other into a vast nothingness..... My $0.02
  4. I smoke *cough,cough* too..... But you don't *cough,cough* see me asking any *cough,cough* non-smokers to leave my *cough,cough* smoking area in the name of *cough,cough* their health..... Well?.... *cough,cough* ...... Do ya?
  5. Out os PS and headed SW. Set up in 65 FOW. 1/1 in 50 minutes....lol.... (Story is in Father's Day thread) 9# king, 70 FOW, 35 down, 15' off the ball, Micheal Jackson. Weren't many boats out Sunday AM at all.... Radio was next to dead.....
  6. It gets that way from time to time here too.... Someday I'll find it !!! ........ The last page of the internet.........lol
  7. I had the opportunity to take my boy out on the water. First time it's just been the 2 of us.... Should have seen his face when I got up after backing out of the dock and said, "Here ya go, stay clear of the sail boats and keep your eyes open" and then walked to the back of the boat... Once we cleared the pierhead, I looked at him and asked why we were going so slow?....... He just grinned and let her rip.... Once we got to where we were going it took about 10 minutes of 2-2.5 mph to set him to chummimg.... Rod ripped off a rigger, he brought it in and then asked if it was ok to go back. He said "I wanted to wait until we had one in the box" Hmmmm......... When did he grow up so much.... To make a long story short.... 70 FOW, 35 down, MJ 15' off the ball. 9# king. Total time on the water less than 2 hours, but it was the best trip for me by a long shot!
  8. The Middle/Medium :cpox: does the trick. Great idea Mike.
  9. Positive outlook indeed..... Can you expell more on those kicker savings... Mrs. Dog House would love to hear how I could save us money by spending a little. And those thoughts and examples are what I need in my arsnal....lol
  10. Don't have it as a picture, but can send it to someone gladly... It's been adpated to more suit our boat and the GL's.... I don't leave port w/o it.... I've been keeping mine since I purchased her new in 2000.... It has taken a while to compile the large amount of data, but that's what I do between the end of deer season and ice out.... But now, after several years a definite pattern has started to develop.. That is the key! ...... IMHO....
  11. Apr 1, 3:53 PM (ET) BRETHREN, Mich. (AP) - A couple brought together by a passion for fishing was married at the Tippy Dam boat ramp, with family members observing the ceremony from a dock rather than church pews. William Nickel read a short poem Friday before asking Vickie Wright to join him in the water during their wedding ceremony, the News Advocate of Manistee reported. They were dressed in fly fishing gear, with white flowers attached to their vests. Nickel had proposed to Wright a little over a year ago and asked her to meet him at the river for their wedding. He recalled introducing Wright to the sport of fishing - saying she has enjoyed it ever since. "I taught her how to fly fish," Nickel said. "She has been catching a lot more fish lately." Nickel, who is originally from Detroit, has fished at Tippy Dam since he was a boy. He moved to nearby Wellston, where he lived for 17 years before moving to Coopersville and meeting Wright. Nickel and Wright live in Coopersville, about two hours south of Bretheren, but frequent Tippy Dam. While Nickel waited for the pastor to arrive for the ceremony, he threw in a line and caught 10 small fish. He threw them back after kissing one of them for good luck at the request of his bride-to-be. --- Information from: News Advocate
  12. East or left coast? Earlier in the season I'm lighter than I am mid to late season.... Huron I never go any heavier. No need to anymore.... Just my $0.02........ CH- TDH
  13. Welcome hookerhal, Those stripers are certianly fun to catch... Got my fill so to speak from the C-Bay before I moved up here to Michigan. If you get up this way, give us a shout.... If we're not on the water, we're on our way out!
  14. As well it will be nice to fish with the "Left Coast Bunch" again this year..... Oh and Caz...... "Don't park there"....... lol
  15. You would be talking about Frank..... He sold that Islander year before last to a guy in Port Huron.... Thought it was going to be re-located, but I wasn't that lucky.......I've been confused with that other "Dog House" numerous times.....
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