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brown trout


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Really Nailer, what was the wt. & location? And can you post a pic.? Thanks.

It's actually been broken twice but officially only once. Roger Hellen caught a 41lb 8oz brown out of Lake Mi on the wisconsin side last year. Fish has to be 2oz or better to knock out the existing record.

This spring a guy in New Zealand caught a 42lb 1oz fish. It was offically recognized by IGFA this summer

Previous photo is the catch and release record and yes it's a different category

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from what I've been able to find out it is a new ohio state record caught off Geneva ohio and weighed in at 14.675 lbs. this isn't anywhere near the 41.8 fish caught out of lake Michigan. but its a nice brown for lake erie. and im still not sure about the facts, this is just what I've heard.


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