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41 lb king


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Just asking for anwers' date=' but I guess you answered in your own way, which kinda proves what most people have been saying.

Nice photoshop job.[/quote']

Jeeze guys. Just kiddin around. I never posted that fish. Hey Just Hookin did you even notice the post of the fish was not me? I thought you were were kiddin too. Sorry . The whole thing is a fake for sure. Thats the only answer I have for you.

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Hmm, 18" super super mag spoon? Where do I get one? Thanks. Thunderduck? Would you please explain?

Remember when you used to put a penny on a train track and it got all flattened out? Well, here's the secret and only you can read it. Everyone else has to log out now. Place a mag Flounder Pounder on the train track and presto! An 18" super super mag spoon. Your welcome.

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