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Fished a little South Sunday morning. Started setting lines at about 5:50 in 90fow and marked a bunch of bait. Had our first hook up around six on a rigger with a green spinny and green fly but lost him a few minutes into the fight. Hooked up again at 6:14 and this one stuck. That fish came on another rigger down 50 in 95 fow on a white paddle/oceana fly combo. The fight yielded what was at that time the biggest fish ever boated on the Angler-at-Law, a 20# king.


We kept working SW and at 6:40 all hell broke loose. First, the SWR started screaming at us. It was down 65 with two colors and a mag moonshine flounder pounder (except it was orange not green so I don't know what it is really called). That fish ran us out to 486 on the line counter before we turned her. About 10 minutes into that fight, the same rigger that brought the 20#er went off again. That one was a screamer too. So, we had a double with two big fish. After about 30 minutes, we boated the second fish that hooked up but the SWR was still screaming.


Another 5 minutes of battle and we finally boated the second fish. We had successfully landed a 48-pound double (25# and 23# kings).


The rest of the morning was rather pedestrian but we did pick up another 12 pound king and a 2 pounder.

All our hits came on riggers with the exception of the 2 pound fish which we got on a full core and we took a rip on the 300 cu but never even got the board to the boat before he came unbuttoned.

All in all, a fantastic day with the most fun hour of fishing I have ever experienced and all I did was net fish! I boated the three biggest fish I have ever caught...what a day!

The 25 pounder:


The box:


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