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  1. 4 Racheting rod holders. 2 in stainless steel finish and 2 are brushed steel finish. $40/each or $150 for all 4. Pick up in Holland.
  2. I run them just like 1MAINIAC. Very easy to pull them up from the back.
  3. Ended 4 for 5. Worked 120 - 140 fow pretty much straight out of Holland and a little south. We worked this water going in all directions trying to hook up with some fish. I don't have a probe so was experimenting with speed too. Took a nice rip on a mag blue flounder pounder with uv tape or a reg size stinger spoon uv tape with green glow stripe as a slider. Not sure which. It ran and got off. Next hit was 300 copper with green splatter back ace hi plug - 20# king. Next was a 4# laker on chute rigger right on bottom in 125 fow. 11" white scale paddle with white fly. 300 copper went again and ran like the 20. But was only 10#. Last hit at 11am when pulling lines. I love that. Blue/chrome 8" spinny with blue/purple fly 52 down on rigger. Nice 15# king. Crew was all rookies and was a charity trip supporting Sportspersons Ministries International. Everyone including me had a great time.
  4. 4 for 4 in the Steelheaders league last night. All in 120 a 135 fow straight out of Holland. Marked a ton of fish in that range in all depths but most big marks down 90 - 110 feet. We trolled southwest from 100 fow out to 130 marking fish but no takers. Turned north working 120 to 135 fow. Got 2 coho - one on a 10" white spiny with a blue meat rig on 300 copper and other on a 10" green/chrome spiny and liq sunshine fly. 2 coho weren't going to win any tourneys so I turned south again and immediately got a double. 16 lb king on a wire diver 240 back with 8" yellow/slick spiny with yellow fly and 8lb Steelie 52 down on a rigger with the green/chrome spiny, green fly combo. Couldn't find the elusive 5th fish for weigh in but did have fun. Tried plugs and spoons too but nothing went. Headed out again tomorrow night and Sat morning. I love summer! Kraig
  5. Thanks for the update. I'll be headed out tonight too. Caught 2 20+ lb'ers last week. Liking the big fish. One was on a green splatterback plug 70 down on a rigger, back 75 feet. The other was a SS lemon ice on a 10 color on Sunday.
  6. Congrats on finding fish. We struggled Sat with one fish but found 5 yesterday with a 22 lb'er setting a record for our boat. As you said, lots of big fish if you can find them. Kraig
  7. Thanks for the info! Great information! Great job on the 20+ lb'ers!
  8. Nice job. How big were the fish? Were you north or south of PS?
  9. That's great! I love the buoy data for waves. But this is great too!
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