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Holland - 06-15-2013 - BEST TRIP EVER

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Well, I'm sure I got most of you to read this post by the title - Best trip ever out of Holland in June when most people are struggling to catch fish.


Well, it wasn't the best trip because of the fish count.

We didn't even have a bump and fished for two or so.

We went out to 60fow in front of the sliders at about 5 pm and just can dipseys and downs south for a few miles. We turn it around and ran north to just south of the piers, putting out a 3 color, 5 color, and 100 copper. We pulled lines at about 7 - no hits, no releases, no nothing.

What made this the best trip ever was the crew - my father of course - my buddy ryan - and it was the first trip ever for my 3 year old son William. This was our trial run with him. He's been on the boat on the big lake before, but just sight seeing ... never trolling slow...so we didn't know if he would get bored, sea sick, whatever.

He did awesome....couldn't understand why we couldn't use his buzz light year rod...:lol:

What a great way to spend a fathers day weekend on the pond...I couldn't have been happier.


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Great post Mark!

Toss some 50# braid on that buzz lightyear rod, and 5ft of fluro leader! We have a 3ft Cars rod that lights up when you reel that we stick on an outdown every so often! It's a blast!!!

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Great mark, I totally understand! My best trip ever was last august with my 4 yr old fishing buddy. I was so proud I took a picture of him holding a fish the same size as he was and blew it up into a poster and framed it for his room.

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Well Mark you hooked me with the title. Great way to spend fathers day glad you had great time.

Fishing is so bad Tarrey and I are heading for Lake Erie this weekend Ohio waters are supposed to be hot.


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To infinity and beyond!!!

Get a lure pattern you're confident in and tell your son it's called the "Buzz Lightyear". Maybe that will be a satisfactory substitute and could be a great little "inner circle" lure pattern secret for you and your friends.

It's awesome to see youngsters involved. That's the crowd that will cause the fishery to be maintained through my elder years.

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