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    I have been fishing for over 40 years. Have only been fishing for Salmon on Lake Michigan for 7 yea
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  1. seahawk

    6/15 SoHa Slow

    Good Job Dan glad to hear the motors is running good again.
  2. seahawk

    Port Clinton 6/8/18

    Great Job Tarrey with a really nice catch.
  3. seahawk

    South Haven 5/17 AM

    Great job and thanks for the report. Sure it good to see the bellies full and lots of big fish this early in the year.
  4. I fished with Tarrey and agree fish cleaning shed was a zoo but did find Alewives in the first one I cleaned then just had to get it done but did hear several others say the bellies were full and Brian the DNR Creel guy also mentioned the same as he was checking the bellies of several fish from other parties. Great day on the water with buddies Tarrey and Dan
  5. Thanks for the trip Dan enjoyed the day always good to be on the water. Nice meeting and fishing with you and Andre.
  6. seahawk

    SoHa 5/5

    Way to go guys just finding that board again is a miracle and then landing it is an amazing tale to tell.
  7. Good Job Terry thanks for the update. Wondered where the popular charters out of South Haven were on Sat.
  8. seahawk

    Maglip Body Baits

    Thanks Terry. How far back are you running them behind the boat on the river? I guessing the same colors as Hot an Tots and Wiggle Warts?
  9. seahawk

    Maglip Body Baits

    I used the 3.5 sizes on Crystal Lake out of Beulah Mi last summer and caught both Steel Head an Lake Trout. One of the Lake trout was over 13 lbs. Biggest lake trout I have caught on that body of water.
  10. If all the above recommendations don't work make sure you don't have water in your gas it doesn't take much.
  11. Great job Terry. Fishing seemed tough for everyone but you this weekend. Tarrey E and I got skunked for the first time in 5 years of fishing together.
  12. Good Job thanks for the report
  13. seahawk

    Rod Storage while Trailering

    My Partner Sea Eagle has Trophy Pro that we trailer an hour to Lake Michigan. He built simple wooden racks that hold the rods taken down on each side wall of the cabin (8 rods per side). The rod holder just clip onto the walls When we take the rods down we wrap a 4-6" 3/4" wide strip of velcro around both ends of the rod to keep the halves together. We pull the rods out as soon as the boat is in the water and lay them on the gunwales. As soon as we clear the draw bridge one of us puts the rods together and puts them in the rod holders. The rods are all ready to go way before the end of the break wall in South Haven or St Joe. We do the same thing even if we leave the boat in the water with a cover over it Keeps the rods from getting damaged and they are not in the way when you are launching the boat. I use the velcro wraps on all my rods on all my boats and while in winter storage works great-lines never get tangled.
  14. seahawk


    I shoot 130 grains for Blackhorn 209 with a Thompson Center 200 grain Shockwave bullet in a Thomson Center Omega inline. No problem holding a 6 inch group at 200 yards. The velocity is very close to a 308 centerfire rifle. The great thing with the Blackhorn powder is you clean with normal cleaning solvents, it cleans fast and the barrel is protected when you are done. I have also shot as many as 40 rounds with out cleaning in between and still have no problem loading the tight fitting Shockwave bullets. The powder burns extremely clean and does not leave a powder ring in the barrel. The powder is the best thing I have found for an inline muzzle loader it does cost a little more than other black powder replacements.