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    I have been fishing for over 40 years. Have only been fishing for Salmon on Lake Michigan for 7 yea
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  1. Fished out of SH yesterday morning only took one fish an 18 lb king that was beginning to turn dark. Fish was caught in 150 of water on a 200 copper with a Green Yellow Spin Dr with a Green and white fly.
  2. Tarrey (Sea Eagle) and I have been doing that for few years. Trouble is now we can't fish together during the lock down. My boats an IO so don't want to put into the water until I'm sure it wont freeze at night so may be awhile. Take care stay healthy and good luck fishing.
  3. Hi Terry, Don't know if it has changed this year Because Tarrey E and I haven't been out with the Quarentine but in the last few years the trestle is open unless a train is coming and then it swings across the river until the train passes then reopens. Dennis
  4. Great Job Dan first good report I have heard out of SH in awhile. How did you like the new fish cleaning station. Saw it for the first time on Sat, Dennis
  5. Good Job sounds like there are still a few Salmon around Seahawk and were thinking they had all moved north but have not fished in the evening in a few years. Thanks for the report wish more would report their catches
  6. Good report thanks. Looks like Tarrey E (Sea Eagle) and I made the wrong choice yesterday because our previous outing on the big lake was not stellar we decided to chase bass yesterday that was not stellar either glad you guys did well. Always great to take kids fishing.
  7. Good job Tarrey. Only loosing one fish is good with novices on board.
  8. Same here, Tiff & Brad are getting some I got 10 meal size packages of the Kings, 1 of the Coho for tonight and 1 Lake Trout for smoking.
  9. Great Pic Tarrey it was a great day on the lake.
  10. Good Job Dan glad to hear the motors is running good again.
  11. Great Job Tarrey with a really nice catch.
  12. Great job and thanks for the report. Sure it good to see the bellies full and lots of big fish this early in the year.
  13. I fished with Tarrey and agree fish cleaning shed was a zoo but did find Alewives in the first one I cleaned then just had to get it done but did hear several others say the bellies were full and Brian the DNR Creel guy also mentioned the same as he was checking the bellies of several fish from other parties. Great day on the water with buddies Tarrey and Dan
  14. Thanks for the trip Dan enjoyed the day always good to be on the water. Nice meeting and fishing with you and Andre.
  15. Way to go guys just finding that board again is a miracle and then landing it is an amazing tale to tell.
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