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Holland/Grand Haven Weather Buoy Deployed for 2013!!

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Holland/Grand Haven Weather Buoy Deployed for 2013!!

I just deployed the weather buoy on Saturday. This buoy was funded by the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids to improve the marine forecast. I am still working on the data display a bit, but the data is available here


And Here


You can also send a text message to 734-418-7299 with 45029 in the body to get the latest results.

The buoy has a newly installed 20 node thermistor string to report water temperature in 1 meter increments from the surface to near the bottom, which is 24 meters (80 ft) deep at the site.

Let me know if you guys are using it and i'll post more informaiton in this thread

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I will use it every time I fish and for a couple days before. I am thrilled to learn of the thermistor string and the information it will provide.

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Same here Jon, although I remember a morning last year with Big Rog where the bouy said they were 3ftrs and they were way over that (one of the big 36 tiaras with an arch was out there too and we couldn't see them in the trough). The info in invaluable especially for guys with no down temp sensors.

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