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Great Start to the 2013 Season!


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We had our first fishing trip to Lake Mi this season to the St Joe pier. It was a great start to the 2013 season. We were fishing steelie skein and spawn bags on the bottom. Still ice on the pier but not too bad for fishing. I bet a lot has melted since we were there.


Action was not hot but we had a steady pick all morning hitting a fish every 20-30 minutes. We got some real nice browns.

Here are our 3 best ones.



This was our best one, weighed 6-1/2 lbs.


I got 2 browns, 2 coho and 1 big whitefish.


Our total for 3 of us was 5 browns, 3 cohos, 1 steelhead and 3 whitefish. Out of about 20 guys on the pier, only a few other fish were caught. It really helps to have good spawn this time of the year. When the water warms up some, spoons and other baits start to work. All fish were caught in the river water; nothing caught lake side which is normal when the water is this cold. Since that pier can get real crowded in spring, I’m only sharing this report with supporting members. The next few weeks should be good if you can make it out. If you can’t, please respect this info and don’t pass it on to the masses. It is nice to not have to get out there at 5AM to get a good spot.

Good luck, Ed!

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