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Holland - Friday and Saturday labor day weekend

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We had a great couple trips in Holland on Friday night and Saturday morning. Not so much because of the volume of fish, but because of the kind of trips we had. Fished with newbies all weekend. Friday night we got 8, but what was special was that a pair of kids - 15 and 18 years old - got to fish on the big lake for the first time and get into a 16+lb salmon. It was sweeeeeeeet. Dropped lines in 60fow and had decent temp near the bottom - 44 degrees. But we didn't pick up fish for a while heading NW. wind/waves flipped around to the south so we spent much of the night trying to find a good troll direction.

N worked best for us. Green metalic froggie mag on 200 copper went three times. Carmel dolphin looking J plug on full core went twice, uv green with red dot spinnie and fly on dipsey 180 back went once, cant remember the others.

Saturday morning we thought it was going to be flat as Friday night it calmed down as we were done. THAT WAS NOT TRUE - 3+ foot waves and a the kids were 10 and 12 today for their first trip. One got a little green but was a trooper and didn't chum. Made it out to 160ish and back in to 75. only managed 4 fish, but got to watch a 12 year old pull in a 16lb king on 300 copper for his first big lake fish. It was truly a priviledge.

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