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  1. Dave, First read on your story. Blessings to you and your crew. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I also need to take a hard look at all the safety equipment and procedures on my vessel. With your story I believe you will have saved lives in the future. To many of us get caught up in the excitement of getting out and hammering the fish, a true testament that we all need to take a step back and make sure our vessels are equipped with the proper safety equipment and the crew knows what is expected of them in a mishap. Grateful that you kept your composure and didn't panic. Once again "Thank You" for sharing and God Bless......-----Robert.
  2. No good reports for the last couple of weeks or so. Seems the first run of ho's and steel was quick. No reports of any kings where we fish as of yet..fish are sporadic not to say you can't get into a run....need the lake to turn and RAIN!!!!! good luck.
  3. Great stories Bill, Thanks for sharing. Memories I'm certain your grandson and yourself will never forget.
  4. Phantom17.....It was closer to the south shore, pretty much between the weed lines. 50 yards or so before you make the gentle left back to the ramps. Hope this helps. It was definitely not a log. Never had a problem with my old 17' or my new 22' until now, I have to agree with you, the water has seemed to drop a bit. Good luck and keep it trimmed up a bit.
  5. Just a heads up for those who launch out of port sheldon. There seems to be a rock/boulder in the channel of the river. Hit it on the way in (idle speed), located around the start of the cattails on the way back to the ramp. Guess I should've had it trimmed up a bit. Anybody else run into it? No major damage, just a new prop in store for the boat.
  6. Made it out last Sunday a.m....best water was 130-155. Finished 4-8. Spoons of green and of orange took fish as well as mountain dew spin doctor with a pickled sunshine fly. All hits/misses and fish came on downriggers anywhere from 50'-80' down. No dipseys or long line takes. Good luck and be careful if you venture out, sunday may be questionable as well.
  7. No better trips than the above mentioned. Exciting times for the youngsters......nice job Mark.
  8. I'm thinking that 200' is approximately 10 miles out. Not sure though, some of the true veterans may be able to pin it more accurate for you...Headed out in the morning for a quick trip, will let you know how we did. Holland buoy shows 70 deg water temp down to 67'....looks like we may start out deep.
  9. I fish out of Port Sheldon. Never been out of Holland. Cleaning station would be a benefit for an "out-of-towner".. I can tell you that the trip out to the pond is quick and painless out of port sheldon. Fishing up to last weeks event has been pretty solid in the 70'-120' range. Good luck with your trip and be safe..
  10. The lake slowed her dance for a fantastic day. Finished the day 4-10. After a slow start things picked up for us around 9:30ish. First fish came at 105 fow, 70' down on a rigger with a pickled sunshine fly and mt dew spin doctor, that was at about 6:30ish. Marked a ton of fish but that was the only taker. Moved out the 160'-165' range around 9:30 and the fun began. For an hour or so it was tough to keep lines in the water. 2 riggers parked at the 70' range and 2 in the upper water column. No hits in the upper on the riggers. Ran 2 divers on a 2 at 125' back, one of the two took the hits. Riggers that worked were tipped with the above mentioned and the other was a blue dolphin glow back along with a pro-troll paddle. The diver that worked was geared with a blue bubble fly and a white/uv spin doctor. That set up was hot. Seemed like I couldn't keep it in the water. Since my hook-to-catch ratio was a little off you can probably tell which one lost the majority of the fish. Best troll was a North to Northwest. Speed was 2.7-2.9 sog. 3 of the 4 landed were mature kings. All in all I would have to say that whatever I had down with some sort of attractor worked the rods that didn't.......well they needed a good cleaning:lol: Stay safe and have fun on the pond.
  11. Nice trips, took my wife out of port sheldon this morning as well.....made it just past the pier heads and you guessed it turned around and came back in. She was well on her way to doing the same. A sick wife is an angry wife. Calmer waters once the boat was back on the trailer.
  12. Fishing still seems to be great in the 80' - 120' range. Finished the morning 8 for 10.. 6 kings, 1 steelhead and a lake trout.. 105' -115' seemed to be the best. north/south trolls worked well. fished riggers at 70'-75' down and 45'-55' down. Dipsey's on a 2 at 125' back, 300 copper and a full core. Only rod that didn't take a fish was the full core, although like Jonmarvin it did seem to take a very nice balloon. lot of fun pulling that in hooked to the planer board. Caught fish on blue dolphin, flounder pounder, double trouble, kevorkian, mt dew spin w/pickled sunshine fly, white spin w/blue bubble fly, double orange crush, bloody nose moonshine. Great morning on the pond. speed that worked well for us was 2.6 to 2.9 sog. Did anyone else notice the size of the horse flies out there.? Flesh eaters I tell ya. Have fun and be safe to all who venture out.
  13. Nice job Jon, nice talking to you at the launch site when we finished. Great trip for you and the "pup":thumb:
  14. Very cool, looked like a great time!!! Something I'm sure the kids will never forget. Way to go gentlemen.
  15. Quick report....Fished 105' to 160' finished 7-8.......put 6 of them in the box released a 13# lake trout. Had about a 10-12# king release itself at the back of the boat after tangling with my lead core... Ended with 3 ho's and 3 kings....ho's ranged from 3# to 6#..Kings ranged from 7# to 10#... Every rod (6) took fish.....120' to 130' was best northwest troll took all fish:confused: here's how it went... 300' copper with moonshine carbon 10 color with mixed veggie riggers at 60-70 down with flounder pounder and glowback blue dolphin dipseys back 150' and 160' with green spinnie and blue-silver fly..not sure of the name...and the other was a white spinnie with a pickled sunshine. Good day on the water....Best of luck to all who venture out.
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