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  1. It’s June…..or at least that is my excuse. Hit the water at 6am in dense fog. Crawled out to 75, set lines and headed west. Tried everything I could think of. Deep, shallow, speed variations, changed directions, nothing happening. Dead calm on the water. Found a couple slicks and even tried top water for steelhead. Nice to be out, but looking forward to a more productive trip next time. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Braved the flooded launch ramp this morning in grand haven. Originally planned on running out and starting in 100 and working out. But the pack of boats in 65’ and the bigger than expected waves kept me in closer. Slow morning, ended up 2-2 with a 8lb and 6lb king both coming on the same wire diver set 90 out. Green/pearl paddle and green hallow fly. As always, a great morning on the water. No other place in Michigan I would rather be on a Labor Day weekend morning.
  3. Only the 2nd time out this year and my report. My summer is starting late. Ran south to just north of Saugatuck. Started in 140, worked out to 170 and back. Picked up one steelhead (7.5lbs) in 120. Rigger, 60 down, Mag hologram green dolphin. Was running around 2.8 and slowed to 2.2 and she hit. Beautiful night on the water. Great sunset and my nephew got to bring in a fish. Would have liked a couple more, but a great night on the water.
  4. Nice! Thanks for posting a report. Debating about heading out this weekend if the weather cooperates
  5. Set lines at 90' and started heading east about 7:00pm. Out to 180 and back in to 45 over the course of the night. Marked absolutely nothing until we were back in around 90. Then marked quite a few between 90 and 80. Had one release, I will call it a missed fish just to make myself feel better. Practiced changing baits, depth, speed, direction, but nothing working last night. It was a beautiful night out there. Nice sunset and a perfect boat ride. Watched the coast guard helo search the area for quite a while. Hopefully just routine maneuvers.
  6. Went 2/4 last night out of Holland. Started NW of the pier in 180. Worked out to 200 and then back in to 100 over the evening. Marked 80% of the fish in the top 50 feet of water. Lost a mid teens King when I knocked it off with the net. 65 down, rigger, mag blue dolphin, 190' 8 pound king. 50 down, rigger, mag blue dolphin, 170' Lost something on 300 copper, silver/red nose j-plug, 165' 5 pound king. 30 down, rigger, mag moonshine flounder pounder, 135' Beautiful night on the water. Lake was perfect. Buddy's son who had just returned home from college came out with us and caught his first fish. Really good night.
  7. Holland - 7/31 PM To start it was a nice night on the water. Took out a grandpa, dad and three kids (13, 11, 8) for their first salmon trip. Was their first time out on the lake in a boat and they were excited about everything from the boat launch to the channel to getting splashed on the run out. It was a lot of fun to get them out there. Set lines in 100 just north of the pier at 7:00 pm. Started out with all spoons. 300 copper, 250 copper, 10 color, 7 color, three dispy divers and two on the riggers. Headed out to 150, back into 80 and out again. Sounded like everyone was slow last night. Started switching up baits after about an hour of searching. At 8:45 I switched the starboard rigger to an 11" paddle (not sure what brand, blue holo on one side and a pearl holo on the other) and a Big Weenie Blue Bubble UV fly. Set the rigger at 61 down, turned my back for a second and one of the kids starts yelling "FISH!". Put the 8 year old on the rod with my help. Fought it for about 2 minutes and it shook loose. Pulled the bait in, checked the hook, laser sharp. Strange. That was at 110 eastbound. Rest of the night was like this... 9:10 - Same rig, 61 ft down, 108 ft of water westbound troll. Had the fish on for about 2 minutes again, took a couple really nice runs, off. Checked hook again, still sharp, no flaws, what the heck?!?! That was the bait that took two fish so I put it back down. FYI, I picked the speed up for about 30 seconds and this one hit. 9:25 - Same rig, 61 ft down, 111 ft of water, eastbound troll. Had this fish on for about 4 minutes, again took a couple really nice runs, off. Down speed was 2.0 - 2.3 all night. So that was the lucky pole, bait and depth for the night, but I could not keep the fish on. I maybe loose three fish a summer and that was three in one night, on the same rig. For some reason I have always been fortunate in being able to keep fish hooked. Outside of knocking them off with the net or a broken line, I just don't loose fish. Now I can't figure out what to do with this bait. It was the hot bait for us last night, but clearly could not keep a fish on. Probably will just replace the fly. Just wish I could figure out the cause on this one. If anyone has any wisdom for me I sure would appreciate it! Fortunately the kids had a good time and there was enough action at the end to keep them interested. They are eager to go out again so mission accomplished there.
  8. Holland 6/3 pm Set lines at 7:20. Nothing going until 9:00pm when we picked up our first. Two more came around 9:45pm. Sounded like it was pretty slow for everyone. Nobody else at the cleaning station. 7lb king - Moonshine Flounder Pounder 75 down in 112 feet of water. 8lb king - Moonshine Eminator. Wire dipsy, 150 back, small diver 6lb king - Purple version of a monkey puke. 300' copper Missed one on a braid dipsy, 165 back, mag dipsy, magnum stinger blue dolphin. Picked up speed to about 2.8 and things started to go. Not sure if it was that or getting close to sunset, but it worked.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions! I am currently either laying them down on the floor like gmfishon or leaving the divers in the side pocket as FBD suggested. I think I will start with trying out some big rubber bands this weekend. Also have a couple of those vice grip clamps at home so will give those a try. Those Bundeze are pretty slick and cheap enough. I really like the looks of the Leadermates! If they were $30 a pop I would jump all over those. I may not catch any more fish, but I would like I really knew what I was doing on the ride out. Appreciate the tips!
  10. I have seen suggestions here and there about best ways to keep your dipsy divers from banging all over the place when you run out to your spot. Unfortunately I can't find whatever spot those suggestions are in and I am at a loss for the best way to do this. I would also include securing rigged up paddles in this discussion. Any suggestions you all might have would be much appreciated. I am tired of my lines getting tangled up on the way out or it taking me to long to rig up and get fishing once I run out. Thanks!
  11. Curious question on the legality of netting the fish. I have wondered that a few times myself after a big one had broken me off. I looked in the Michigan Fishing Guide, but did not see a specific example. It states that you can use a hand net to help land a "lawfully hooked fish". The fish was lawfully hooked originally before it broke off somebody's gear so I could argue that it was still lawfully hooked and you were in the right to net it. A CO may have a different opinion of course. Hopefully someone has some first hand knowledge here on what the regulation is.
  12. That looks like a really nice unit! I would think you could sell that and get yourself a good finder/gpr and a fish hawk. I don't know much about fish finders. I have been using an old basic lowrance for for about 15 years. Work fine to tell me the depth and occasionally marks a fish. I did pick up a fish hawk 840 a number of years ago and that had a positive impact on my fishing. Being able to find the temp breaks was a big help. I will be curious what others have to say on the topic.
  13. Great looking boat! It would kill me to have bought a new toy and have to put it away for the winter!
  14. Has anyone heard any updates on these guys? I checked on line but didn't see anything. If they have not found them it must be hard on the families to not have any closure.
  15. I only got out four times this year and caught one 4lb King. And that was my first trip of the year back the 1st week of May. My lack of time on the water was much due to being busy when the lake was fishable and free when it was to rough for me to get out. I also had a number of nights when fishing was an option and I just didn't go because the fishing has been so poor. I love being on the water but didn't feel like spending the gas money to get to the lake and wash lures for four or five hours. How sad is that! I can count on one hand the number of times I have been skunked in the last decade and this year it was on 3/4 trips. Now I am not like a lot of you guys who can put a bunch of fish in the boat every time out, but I can usually manage 2-3 fish every outing. This year I just couldn't find them. Reading about the current state of the fishery it sure feels like we are not going to see good numbers again for at least a couple more years. I am no biologist but the current stocking plan sounds logical to me and hopefully will result in better bait fish populations and in the end net bigger and higher quality salmon populations down the road. Until that happens I may be hanging up my salmon gear or even liquidating much of it in 2016. It has been years since I have focused on inland lake fishing and 2016 may be the year I go back to it.
  16. Nice report. 4-4 is the best I have heard in a while! Nice job!
  17. Sorry to hear about that Jeff. Glad you have insurance that covers that sort of thing. I think I will double check mine tomorrow. I have not been out much this year. Hoping to get on the water the next couple weekends. Hit me up if you are interested in getting out.
  18. Thanks for the report Ryan. Sounds like a great day on the pond!
  19. Agree completely on this one. I keep the rod loaded for the same reason. Way back when I used a line counter rod on my rigger to see how much line bow I was getting. I forget what the ratio was at 80' down but it was significant.
  20. I can't for the life of me picture how somebody hit that thing with their out drive. That is going to be interesting to explain to the insurance company.
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