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Holland 7-29 mid day sun

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Had a great day on the water with my wife Angie.

she has not been out on the boat in over 3 years but I was finially able to get her to come out. but on her terms.

we didn't leave the house until 8:30, had to stop get gas and snacks.

about a mile from the ramp the truck just starts shaking - I'm thinking u-joints at this point. nope - as we slowed down to turn into the ramp we hear a tire on the trailer going down fast. we launch the boat and dealt with that after the boat ride.

setup in 80 fow heading north at about 10 am, what a great day to be out - flat

setup our 6 rod spread - 2 riggers - 2 wire divers 2 300' coppers

did switch out 300' for 200' after marking fish up higher.

what worked as we went 2 for 4

rigger with SS blue berry muffin went twice lost one about 10 feet back from the boat. :P

tin can with green spin & Glow on the wire diver pulled a real nice king up to the swim platform then broke off right at the hook as the fish took a turn into the rigger wire.:mad:

200 copper with green spatter back ace high plug took a nice king:)

was a great trip as Angie was able to bring in her first King.:thumb:

I'm glad she came out it was good for her and I think she enjoyed it.


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