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Got a last minute invite to accompany my dad and a couple of his buddies on a charter on 4/30 & 5/1 out of Ludington. Monday we finished going 18 for 21. We started in 165 fow and worked out to 205 fow from the bathhouse to the point. Most of our fish came deep. Our hottest rig was a 11" Flasher with a 3 fly teaser meat rig. This set-up want at least seven times 180 down on the rigger. 300 copper with a Yeck Gator went 3 times, Black Mamba Meat went a couple times 110 down on a rigger, and the wire divers went quite a few times ( sorry don't remember what was on them). All fish on Monday were Kings with the smallest being about 9-10 lbs. and the largest being just short of 16 lbs.

Tuesday we fished the same stretch of water and it was slower than Monday. We finished 8 for 8 with 7 Kings and one Laker. Again all fished were big. Smallest was 10 lbs. and Largest 16 lbs. The 11" Flasher described above took 5 fish again 180 down on the rigger, Wire diver took one with a blue dolphin, custom Yeck Lemon ice with dots took the Laker 120 down on a rigger, and as usual my favorite Big Weenie Rubber Poofster took our last fish of the trip on a 450 Copper.

Gitty up boys and strengthen your leaders they are going to be huge come August!

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