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  1. This last weekend was out fishing and my LCX28cHD just went black. It was as if it got turned off. I checked all connections several times and also checked that there was power to the switch. Has anyone had this problem and what was the outcome? Thanks.
  2. Ludington 8/7/12-8/9/12 Fished Tues. evening, Wed. morning and evening and Thurs. morning. We went 7 for 9 on Tues. 9 for 12 on Wed. Morning, 12 for 15 on Wed. Evening, and my first ever limit trip yesterday a.m. we went 20 for 25. We have caught so many big fish since Tues. evening that we have run out of freezer and fridge space. Here is the break down of what has worked the best for us: Big Weenie Rubber Poofster Flasher Fly Combo (aka: Nutzee Combo) has been anything but awesome 225 back on a high mag diver. This rig since July 21st has taken at least 50 Kings for my boat. The second best rig has been the Big Weenie Rubber Poofster Paddle with the NBJ (nutzees big johnson) run off a 7 color. this has taken about 15 fish both kings and steelhead. Third best has been the Ace Hi Blue Spatter Back Plugs anywhere from 65-90 down off the riggers. There has been a few others that have also consistently produced that are worth mentioning: Green Spatter Back Ace Hi, BW Purple UV Death Meat Rig, and the Blue Spatter Back Ace Hi UV. The week of July 21-28 we went 25 for about 32 in four trips and most fish came on the BW Rubber Poofster F/F Combo and Moonshine spoons the first part of the week. And the second half of the week the plug bite kicked in and the aforementioned Ace Hi Blue Spatter Back kicked in. Since then I have been running exclusively Plugs off the riggers and BW F/F Combos just about everywhere else. I run three riggers, 4 dipsies, 2 300 Coppers, 1 Full Core, a 7 Color, and a 5 Color. And occasionally will run a SWR off one of my riggers. The week of July 21st through the 28th we fished from the bathhouse to the stick and a little beyond with 110 FOW to 140 FOW being our best depth. This week Aug. 4th-today we have fished primarily from straight out down to the 53's with anywhere from 65 FOW to 150 FOW being best. Yesterday morning as stated above was my best trip ever on my boat. We pulled out of the harbor on a SW line and stopped in 65 FOW and trolled SW to 130 FOW and then started going in and out. Yesterday we boated our 20 fish by about 1 pm and fish hit on every rod we had in the water. It took me over 3 hours to get 8 rods in the water. Since July 21st I have caught 95 fish in 12 trips. We have caught 11 steelhead, 3 coho, and the rest have been Kings. An average of 8 fish per trip. This has been absolutly awesome fishing. I can not thank my Dad, Big Weenie Tackle, Silver Addiction Charters, Wild Thing, Polecat, and Raptor Charters for providing me with valuable information and great products. And my Dad for getting me into this very addictive sport. Dad I love you. Big Weenie products flat out kick butt. If you have not tried there stuff give them a call or visit there website I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Thank you again to Gary and Karen for making a great product. Nut-N-Eze
  3. Run your small boards instead of the bigs. When the traffic is heavy it is easier to reel the boards in quicker to avoid other boats. As far as the boards coming off just tighten the tension screw down and bury the line deep in the release. Also when fighting a fish on copper or leadcore with the board attached keep the rod tip low to the water till you can lift the board completely out of the water and keep it out (appox. 10 yards from the boat) then take the board off and keep the rod tip up till you get the fish in the net. Hope that makes sense. I will be up in Ludington from the 4th-11th and will posting quite a few reports on a daily basis. Also watch the fishing report on Capt. Chuck's Web page.
  4. Fished Lake Erie today and they where horrible here also.
  5. Nice report. Looks like so far you are having a great season with a 9 fish per trip average.
  6. Got a last minute invite to accompany my dad and a couple of his buddies on a charter on 4/30 & 5/1 out of Ludington. Monday we finished going 18 for 21. We started in 165 fow and worked out to 205 fow from the bathhouse to the point. Most of our fish came deep. Our hottest rig was a 11" Flasher with a 3 fly teaser meat rig. This set-up want at least seven times 180 down on the rigger. 300 copper with a Yeck Gator went 3 times, Black Mamba Meat went a couple times 110 down on a rigger, and the wire divers went quite a few times ( sorry don't remember what was on them). All fish on Monday were Kings with the smallest being about 9-10 lbs. and the largest being just short of 16 lbs. Tuesday we fished the same stretch of water and it was slower than Monday. We finished 8 for 8 with 7 Kings and one Laker. Again all fished were big. Smallest was 10 lbs. and Largest 16 lbs. The 11" Flasher described above took 5 fish again 180 down on the rigger, Wire diver took one with a blue dolphin, custom Yeck Lemon ice with dots took the Laker 120 down on a rigger, and as usual my favorite Big Weenie Rubber Poofster took our last fish of the trip on a 450 Copper. Gitty up boys and strengthen your leaders they are going to be huge come August!
  7. Does anyone know if Tackle Haven in St. Joe sells meat? Thanks Nutneze
  8. Thanks Guys. Thinking about heading to St. Joe next weekend with all the St. Joe reports coming in. Weather will dictate as I am coming all the way from Lake Erie.
  9. I am looking for a link to the St. Joe weather bouy. I am specifically looking for one that has current wave height data and wind speeds. If any one has the link I would appreciate it. Thanks Nutneze
  10. Will be in Mi. City in two weeks for the Hoosier Coho Pro/ Am. I have never fished this port and was wondering how the ramp is at the Washington Park Marina? I have a 23' Baha Gle am I going to be able to launch without alot of difficulty?
  11. First a little back ground info. I have a 2007 Baha 231 GLE with a 5.0 MPI Merc. Put the boat in friday and everything was fine. Went out fishing yesterday ( jigging for walleye) again everything fine. Started the boat probably 10-12 times. On the way in started to get an alarm. 2 loud beeps approx. once a min. Located the beeps and they where coming from the wiring up under all the gauges. Checked all the fluid levels and the gear lube was low. Filled the resevoir up and still had the alarm. Got the boat back to the dock parked it and went out to troubleshoot today and know the boat won't start. It turns over like it wants too but just won't go. Fuel Filter was replaced in May of 11', boat was stored full of fuel at end of last season. Anybody have any thoughts of what it could be?
  12. Before you put the cooler away take a ball of paper towels and put a little artificial vanilla on the paper towels. Throw them in the cooler and the cooler will smell good as new next time you pull it out. I keep a roll of paper towels and a bottle of cheap artificial vanilla on the shelf right next to the coolers. Alot of times when I am getting the coolers ready I will just put the paper towels I pulled out of the cooler on the work bench and re-use them when I get home. The paper towels also soak up that little bit of moisture left over after you wash it out. No more musty smelling coolers:thumb:
  13. Nailer, The glow blue cracked ice 11" Big Weenie paddle in your first photo is one of my favorites. Try throwing a BW Rubber Poofster Fly on that and run it on your high diver 200-225 back for the summer kings. It was dynamite for me Nutz
  14. The Pro/Am put on by Hoosier Coho Club. Put on the weekend before there big Hoosier Classic.
  15. Welcome Greg. See you at the show. The gang and I will be there Saturday attempting to harass BW.
  16. Gary, Wouldn't miss it. Going to try and get Karen to buy me lunch with all her winnings from Vegas. Nutneze
  17. Tony, Are you going to have a Booth at Birch Run? And do you have a wire diver rod that won't break the bank?
  18. Has anyone used the Okuma Classic Pro Glt Copper/Leadcore for a wire diver rod? I was thinking of putting an Aftco swivel tip on one and trying it? Has anyone tried this with any success?
  19. Slacker, Take a look at Big Weenies website. They have a large selection of F/F combos and meat rigs. There Rubber Poofster F/F Combo caught almost 60% of my kings last year. There products flat out rock. They are 100% American made and are an American Company based in Michigan.
  20. I will be fishing a tournament in April out of Mi. City. Is there a fish cleanig station that is open to the public? How are the public ramps? And are there any good tackle shops?
  21. I have 4- Diawa Sealines 47h's that where given to me. I sent them to Tuna's and had the drags upgraded. I was planning on using them for different lengths of lead core. Can these reels handle short segments of Copper(ie. 75ft, 150ft.) I would be using 45#. And how much backing do u think I should put on these reels for the above lengths.
  22. If your running the 5 color outside of the 300 Copper thats where it should be. If u run shallower rigs inside of deeper rigs you are flirting with "Murphy's Law".
  23. I run a 5 color, then a full core, and then my 300ft. 45# Copper on each side with the 5 Color being the farthest from the boat. I also run 2 Dipsies per side. My Low diver is set on 1.5 and my high divers on 3. My most successfull bait the last 3 years has been a Big Weenie Rubber Poofster F/F Combo on the high diver between 225-250 back. My divers are braid and are the 124mm Walker deep divers. Then my two riggers are on the boom. Hope this helps.
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