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Great day out of GH today. Water temps 39-42. Fished from 7:30am-12:30 & started at 150 out to 220, best was 180ft just North of GH. Trolled SW and NE & ended up 15 for 20, - 10 Kings, 1 Brown, 3 Coho, & 1 Laker, we kept 10 fish today. All rods went off today both riggers at 100 & 125 ft. - 75, 225, & (2) 300 coppers. When we got away from the other boats we pulled the 75 and one of the 300 coppers and put a 450 & 600 copper down caught 2 fish on each 12-15 lb Kings down deep. Lures were double orange crush on 75 cooper, riggers - 11" white/blue paddle blue bubble glow fly & 11" glow paddle white uv fly. Other cooper rods were Moonshine Flounder Pounder, Moonshine Bloody nose, and a Stinger Alewife. We have had some great fishing out of GH the last 3 weeks.

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