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Tiara Hardtop Install


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I am FINALLY gonna have the headroom I need (I am 6'8").

Here is my baby during the transformation this fall. Original factory top and Atlantic Towers Arch came off, and a new Atlantic Towers Hardtop and full new enclosure with drop curtain went on.

It was a shame to finish the project and then go directly to storage with her! Gonna be another loooong winter waiting to "test" it out!








Now I get to spend the winter re-wiring the Radar, 2 GPS antennas, VHF antenna, Spreaders, ect... up onto the hardtop. Then a new coat of some Navy Blue bottom paint this spring and she'll be ready to go!:thumb:

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Thanks Guys!

Eric, The tops are usually right around 6K. I got mine for $4,200 on a "end of the year" sale. Not cheap at all, but WELL worth it. I looked at many brands, and I really like the AT better than the rest...and they were on the cheaper side. I found some for 8K+ :eek: I also dont like the big forward supports on some tops and this design dosnt require them. I had the 8 rod holders added to the top as well as spreader tabs and slide-rails to hold the enclosure so there are no snaps to the hardtop, its totally waterproof.

I also have about $1800 into the enclosure. I went with the very expensive (but very worth it) "Strataglass" materiel for the windows and "Top Gun" wax impregnated marine vinal for the rest.

$6k for the project aint cheap...but I spent 800+ hours on my boat last summer.

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John - Nice looking addition! I have wondered about a hard top a few times, but have been happy with my canvas so far. What year is your boat? I may be interested in seeing a a few more pics, just to see your entire set-up as I am changing a few things around. I have only had mine for 2 summers and am always looking for ideas.

Eric - Not sure what you have to work with, but here is a pic of a similar set-up with canvas. Looks like my Arch may have been a little taller - this was the way I purchased the boat.



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Looks like your Arch may be a little shorter - are you looking for a hard top to go under it? I do not have any real experience in this, just trying to show another similar boat set-up. I have heard some good things from a local Michigan comapny who makes Arches. They may be able to give you an idea as to your options even if they may not actually be able to help you out with a hard top. I have not personally worked with them, but was thinking about adding some holders to my existing Arch depending on how far I get on my winter wish list.

Anyway, their website is http://www.towersunlimited.com/main_htmls/misc.html.

Nice looking ride!


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