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Muskegon 10.4.11 PM 9 for 11 (Season Finale)

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What a great night to end the year. Water was 46 degrees in tight so we motored out to 190 FOW before finding 54 degree water. Setup there and trolled out to 300 before marking any fish. Finally caught our first out there and that's where we stayed the rest of the night. Successful setups listed below:

300' 45# Copper w/ Mag Blue Green Dolphin (1 Laker and 1 miss)

250' 45# Copper w/ Mag Carmel Dolphin (1 steel)

3 Color w/ standard DOC (2 steel, 1 released for next year)

Rigger at 55' w/ Mag Miami Dolphin (1 King)

Rigger at 100' w/ Stinger Nitro NBK (1 King)

Rigger at 70' free slider w/ Stinger Nitro Area 51 (1 king)

9 Color core w/ standard Jager Bomb w/ orange and white glow tape added (1 steel)

Dipsy on 3 back 180' with Mich. Sportsman BTI SUV and BW UV Mirage Fly (1 king)

Dipsy on 3 back 180' with MD Spinny and mirage fly (1 Miss)


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