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  1. FYI for your trip, I was out on Sunday morning. Didn't want to combat fish so we ran offshore and went 6 for 12 in 160-200 FOW all in the top 50. Mostly spoon bite.
  2. My divers have been particularly lame this year too. Only 7% of my fish have come on divers. It's usually around 15-20%.
  3. Last spring, late April/early May I was getting big kings on my riggers with UV white 11" paddles on the bottom in 200-250 FOW. That deep, I usually run the depth counter to about about 30-40' deeper than the actual depth, due to blow back.
  4. Yeah I'm Surreel, I'll try to get you on the radio.
  5. I took a flurry of hits in the 160 FOW area last night. Unfortunately, this created a tangle the likes of which I have never even heard of before and by the time I got it sorted out, I was back into around 125 FOW. I will be back out tonight starting deeper and working into the 100-120 depths for sunset. And by sorted out, I mean a 200, 250, and 300 copper balled up in the cabin of the boat along with a couple leadcores that got scrapped on the other side to the boat too.
  6. I had an engine failure on the fourth of July and avoided a $850 tow bill by being a TowboatUS member. I think it's like $60 a year or something like that.
  7. For setting up some new rod holders, I would recommend using tracks if you don't want them permanently mounted. I fish from a Sea Ray Sundancer and when the rodholders and riggers are off you hardly notice the tracks. I love them and there is a myriad of choices for setups in them ie single holders, dual holders, trees, etc. you can get them from Cannon, Traxstech, Burt's to name a few. If you're looking to add lines I would highly recommend copper. Copper puts a ton of fish in the boat for me. The rods you mentioned having work great for copper and a convector-55 from Okuma is a good reel for longer copper setups (300' is a great producer for me).
  8. I'm going out Sunday morning, weather permitting. Like Don said, everything's ice free right now.
  9. Ended up 1 for 3 with about a 4 lb. brown. Missed a big rip on the rigger with 00 flame dodger and fly. The brown came on on red and black squiggles thin fish. We were within 500 yards of the piers on all the hits.
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