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Took Bruce, son Caleb, and neighbor Bob out today.

Ended up 17- for Im not gona tell you guys, but it was bonkers. With two greasers throwed back.

Fished 70fow out to 130fow and from 40 to 70 down.

Cant list everything we took fish on, or had hits on but mainly greens.

What was hottest was the dark green and glo spin doctor (almost pickled sunshine lookin) with the strong fly from the dreamweaver event on a dipsey set on 2 out 90 early in the mornin, then out 150 in the afternoon as the fish moved deeper.

Second was a white/green glo squid with similiar spin doctor on same dipsey settings, and third was a siggs custom green dolphin 11" paddle with a big weenie proctologist on rigger down 69 and back 10'.


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